The Dark Knight Rises Made A FORTUNE, But What About The Comics?

A few months back when The Avengers had the biggest opening weekend of all time, we took a look at the Amazon sales charts to see how well Avengers comics were doing in the wake of this massive success.  Movie and TV related books tend to do rather well, from The Hunger Games to Game of Thrones to True Blood… getting your book adapted on a screen of some sort seems to result in big sales.

However, that wasn’t the case with The Avengers.  The best Avengers related book was The Infinity Gauntlet at #167 overall, and there wasn’t another Avengers related comic until #918 with pre-orders for Avengers vs. X-Men.  Despite making over $200 million in one weekend, the comic sales soon after were weak at best.

Now The Dark Knight Rises has had a big opening with $161 million dollars, the third best opening weekend ever.  While it didn’t  beat The Avengers at the box office, in terms of the Amazon charts the Bat-books are blowing Avengers books out of the water.

There were no Avengers books in the Top 100, but right now there are FOUR Bat-books:

  • 47)Batman: Knightfall, Vol. 1 – The most famous Bane book of all, so it’s not surprising it’s the top Bat-Book.
  • 51) Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – A classic, and definitely a partial inspiration for The Dark Knight Rises.
  • 54) Batman: Earth One – Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s new take on Batman.  Not connected to the movie, but it was definitely timed well.
  • 75) Batman: The Killing Joke Deluxe Edition – Deluxe edition even!! This is way more TDK than DKR, but it’s a classic of the Bat-canon I suppose (despite not being particularly good).

So that’s super impressive!!  There are also two more Bat-books ahead of the #167 the top Avengers book hit:

  • 147) Batman: Knightfall, Vol. 2– Again, Bane.  Makes sense.
  • 157) Batman: Year One – Another Bat-classic, though with more in common with BB than DKR.

There wasn’t a second Avengers book until #918, but guess what?  There are another FIVE Bat-books just in the Top 500:

  • 176) Batman: The Court of Owls – The new collection of Snyder and Capullo’s current run on Batman.  It’s fast becoming a new classic.
  • 352) Batman: Hush – Another well-known Bat-book, with great art and pretty much every villain imaginable.  Not at all tied to DKR though.
  • 358) Batman: Arkham Asylum – Not only is Arkham Asylum not in DKR, I don’t think it’s even mentioned!!
  • 377) Batman: The Long Halloween – Jeph Loeb is getting a lot of love, despite the complete lack of DKR connection here.
  • 493) Batman: Dark Victory – Same here with the sequel to The Long Halloween.

I’m a little surprised that Batman: No Man’s Land isn’t in the mix there, seeing as the movie definitely drew from that.  Though I suppose the first volume is at #1,393, which is better than the third best selling Avengers book after its opening weekend.  So comparatively, it’s up there.

Anyway, there’s really no argument that Batman has a richer back catalogue than the Avengers do, but the Avengers have been a pretty big deal lately and there were tons of collections of work by Bendis and other creators available.  The Bat-books absolutely DESTROYED though.  There was one Avengers related comic in the Top 500, while there are 11 Bat-books!!  That’s just nuts.

So congratulations to The Dark Knight Rises on a great opening weekend and a very impressive resultant showing for the Bat-books on the Amazon sales charts.  It’s nice to see movie success translate into some comic book success!!


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