Wonder Woman Via Dan DeCarlo Via Bill Walko

This went up on The Line it is Drawn more than a month ago, but I just found it and loved it so I’m going to post it now.  The theme for this edition of TLIID was re-imagining a character as if they had been designed by a different creator.  Bill Walko got famed Archie artist Dan DeCarlo designing Wonder Woman and created this fantastic piece:

Walko based the art on pin-up pieces DeCarlo would do with Betty, Veronica, and the other Riverdale gals based on fashion suggestions sent in by readers.  Walko incorporated looks from various Wonder Woman incarnations over the years, but in that classic Archie style.  You can read more about Walko’s process at his website.

I really dig this piece.  It’s so much fun, plus Wonder Woman and Archies are two of my favourite things ever.  When I was a kid, I had a stack of Archie digests as tall as I was.  They really need to do some Archie/DC crossovers.  I know they’ve done some Marvel ones over the years, and I suppose they had that Tiny Titans/Lil’ Archie crossover a while back that was pretty classy, but I want to see Batman or Superman in Riverdale!!  Or the gang taking a trip to Gotham or Metropolis.  I’d be all over that!! 

Anyway, Bill Malko is super cool!!  Check out his site and enjoy his classy art.  He did a Donna Troy/Deanna Troi piece a little while ago that was pretty great too AND he’s got a webcomic.


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2 Responses to “Wonder Woman Via Dan DeCarlo Via Bill Walko”

  1. Magpie Monday | Robert E. Stutts Says:

    […] If you’re a fan of Archie comics and Wonder Woman, you’ll enjoy this illustration of the Amazing Amazon by Bill Walko in the style of Archie artist Dan DeCarlo. […]

  2. karl Says:

    Cute and sweet …

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