Wonder Woman At The Olympics Part Two: Team-Up With Venus Williams!!

The Olympics of Terror in 1954 were pretty exciting, but now we move to the current summer games.  Instead of a whacky comic book adventure, though, today Wonder Woman serves as the inspiration for the outfits worn by tennis star Venus Williams!!

Williams created an Olympic collection for her EleVen fashion line, and CBS Sports reports that she “designed the collection with Wonder Woman in mind.”  Williams said:

“I hope it will help me channel my favorite superhero and manifest another gold medal.”

This is the design for a dress that’s the centerpiece of the collection, which she’s also wearing in the picture above.  At first glance it doesn’t look too Wonder Woman-like, but I think there might be something there:

The colour scheme has a Wonder Woman vibe, of course, with the blue and red and gold.  And “inspiration” is a rather vague sort of word, I suppose.  Williams likely used Wonder Woman as a sort of thematic jumping off point and ended up with this instead of just sporting some red strapless shirt with a golden eagle and a star-spangled skirt.  That would have looked rather silly at Wimbledon, really.

However, do you see how the lines under the breast go downwards and meet in the middle?  Check out the bodice of the DCnU’s new Wonder Woman design:

That’s the best I’ve got for a Wonder Woman tie-in.  Nonetheless, it’s super cool that an athlete is wearing an outfit inspired by Wonder Woman!!  Good luck, Venus Williams!!  Unless you’re playing a Canadian, in which case I hope you lose.  Go Canada!! 

NEXT TIME: The last time Wonder Woman attended the Olympics in space her life was on the line, but the Interplanetary Olympics of 1957 were a far less ominous, but just as challenging, competition!!


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One Response to “Wonder Woman At The Olympics Part Two: Team-Up With Venus Williams!!”

  1. kdisley77@googlemail.com Says:

    Venus would make a great Nubia if she were ever reintroduced into WW continuity…
    Oh, what am I saying….there is no continuity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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