Wonder Woman At The Olympics Part Four: Time Travelling With The Brady Kids!!

Apparently in the early 1970s, The Brady Bunch was so popular that they made a cartoon spin-off show starring just the Brady Kids (called, conveniently, The Brady Kids).  The kids ran around with their pets, had whacky adventures, and sang some songs.  It looked like each episode cost roughly $12 to make, and it ran about a season and a half.

Now why I am talking about the Brady Kids?  This is supposed to be about Wonder Woman and the Olympics!!  Well, the Brady Kids had this pet bird who is also a magician of some sort (they also had two pandas as pets… it’s a weird show) and they got accidentally transported back in time to Ancient Greece along with their new pal, Diana Prince.  The Brady Kids spent the episode having misadventures at the Olympic games while Wonder Woman ran around making sure that their presence in the past didn’t alter history forever (it seems that none of them were familiar with the concept of the butterfly effect).

Let’s check out the show, and then discuss a bit:

You can see why this lasted only a season and a half.

Apart from the general ridiculousness of the entire thing, the brawn vs. brain discussion is sort of interesting and it’s nice that we ultimately learn that both have their value and that one isn’t necessarily better than the other.  It’s all super cheesy, but come on… it’s a good lesson for the kids.  Also, I enjoyed Wonder Woman’s strong anti-cheating stance.  I know some badminton teams that should have watched this episode!!

Their take on Wonder Woman is odd though, and sort of random.  I have no idea why Diana Prince worked in a library, or why she was on the show in the first place.  Filmation co-produced The Brady Kids and they did a bunch of shows for several DC characters at the time, so maybe they had the Wonder Woman rights.  But Diana was never a librarian in the comics, and when this episode aired it was still the mod era!!  Wonder Woman would appear on Super Friends a year later, but with a much different design.  It was a bizarre tie-in all around.

And SO historically inaccurate.  Now, they were in Athens and the ancient Olympics ran from 776 BC to 394 BC, so here’s where it all gets tricky:

  • Most of the events seemed to take place at the Colliseum, which is in Rome and was built hundreds of years after the Ancient Olympics ended.
  • Wonder Woman fixed up the Trojan horse, but a) the Trojan War occurred hundreds of years before the Olympics began, and b) they didn’t haul the Trojan horse all the way from Athens to Troy.
  • Euclid is a main character, but Euclid wasn’t born until about 300 BC, well after the games had ended.

And that’s just a few of the big ones.  The whole thing is a historical mess.

But hey, we learn that brain and brawn are both important and that cheating isn’t good.  That’s not so bad.  And we get a sweet song from the Brady Kids!!  You can’t screw with the Trojan horse, but I guess it’s cool to teach the ancient Greeks a lame pop song from the future.  What a bizarre little program.

NEXT TIME: We have another time travel adventure when Wonder Woman goes back in time to participate in the Sinister Olympics!!


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