Wonder Woman At The Olympics Part Five: The Sinister Olympics!!

In the comments section of one of the previous Olympics post, reader Scott Nesmith correctly pointed out that Wonder Woman appeared in yet another Olympic games in Sensation Comics #83.  I totally missed it, so we’ll check out the 1948 story by Robert Kanigher and H.G. Peter as:

Yes, this is ANOTHER Kanigher story set at an Olympics of some sort.  And there’ll be another one after this even.  The man loved to reuse ideas.

The story began with Wonder Woman hanging out with the Holliday Girls when she was sucked back in time to an ancient city.  This city of women, called Noman (subtle!) and ruled by Virtura (also subtle!), had summoned Wonder Woman to compete on their behalf against a male-ruled city that was trying to subjugate them.  The male dictator, Prowd (even subtler!) challenged the Nomanians to an Olympiad, but he was working with Loki, the Norse trickster god, who had brought heroes from throughout history to defeat the women with ease.  Wonder Woman, helpful gal that she is, agreed to compete in the Olympiad and help the women keep their freedom.

In her first event, Wonder Woman faced off against Paul Bunyan to see who could move the most anvils.  But unfortunately:

While Wonder Woman slept in Noman the night before the games, some traitor had brought a man into Noman to weld her bracelets together, rendering her powerless!!  The first event went to the men, but when Wonder Woman fought the Black Knight in the next round, she positioned herself so that the Black Knight’s mighty sword cut her bonds.  Now freed:

The women won the second event!!  However, the third event didn’t go well initially.  The merman brought by Loki defeated Wonder Woman easily in a swimming race, but Wonder Woman discovered that Loki had used twin mermen, placing one by the finish line who popped up once his twin dove underwater at the starting line.  Wonder Woman demanded a straight race and:

Up 2-1, Wonder Woman was up against Paul Bunyan again to see who could uproot a tree first.  Wonder Woman was given her choice of tree, and she picked the huge, towering tree instead of the small, spindly one.  This worked out rather well:

So the women of Noman kept their freedom!!  Hooray!!  And they discovered the traitor in the city as well.  Prowd had promised a woman named Rata that she would be his queen if she betrayed her people, but that fiendish plan didn’t keep Wonder Woman down for long.  With the games won, Wonder Woman returned back to the Holliday Girls just a second after she was plucked back in time in the first place.

NEXT TIME: We return to the modern Olympics and look at some uniform designs that have a definite Wonder Woman vibe.

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

One thought on “Wonder Woman At The Olympics Part Five: The Sinister Olympics!!

  1. I don’t understand the bit about her bracelets being welded. There doesn’t appear to be a chain or anything connecting her bracelets, nor are her bracelets welded directly together, and either way you’d think she would have noticed if they were.

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