The Best Reaction To The Wonder Woman Pilot OR The Horror Is Still Spreading

One of my favourite artists in the whole internet is Noelle Stevenson, aka. Gingerhaze aka. the person behind How Are You I’m Fine Thanks.  She does all sorts of cool stuff, from the Broship of the Ring to her Nimona webcomic to roughly 8,592 drawings about X-Men: First Class.  And, unfortunately for her, she’s just watched David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman pilot.

You may recall that I reviewed this a while back and loathed it with the burning hatred of a thousand suns.  It was not at all good, and even worse it was not at all Wonder Woman.  Now poor Noelle has seen it as well, all these months later, and she had feelings about it.  Here is her response:


not pictured: Wonder Woman’s big fight against a room full of comically beefy men in muscle tanks and codpieces, Wonder Woman pining over boyfriend, Wonder Woman flying tiny non-invisible jet to go from one side of the city to the other, Wonder Woman’s breasts constantly attempting to break free from their plastic prison, Wonder Woman being a terrible person, everyone telling Wonder Woman that she is great, because she has a cat she is good, writers completely missing the point, everything is terrible

Yeah, that’s about right.

Someone just ought to wipe the Wonder Woman pilot off the internet and spare everyone the torture of sitting through it.  It is, in every way possible, the worst.

So to sum up, a) even a year later the Wonder Woman pilot is still out there being awful and upsetting people, and b) Noelle is cool.


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