Wonder Woman #12 Preview OR FIGHTING!!

Hey kids, I’m home from vacation!!  I read a bunch of books (go get HHhH and The Magicans, you guys… they’re SO good) and relaxed lots and now I’m back just in time to stick up a Wonder Woman #12 preview before it comes out tomorrow.  Or rather, borrow IGN‘s preview, since they put it up.  Let’s check it out:

There’s not a lot to say about this, other than FIGHTING!!!  And that Cliff Chiang is amazing.  We’re not getting a ton of story in this preview, so much as set up for what should be a pretty sweet throwdown.

Look for Wonder Woman #12 in comic shops tomorrow!!


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One Response to “Wonder Woman #12 Preview OR FIGHTING!!”

  1. karl Says:

    Smashing preview you’ve set up here!
    Really rather gloriously exciting pictures.

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