The Official Wonder Woman/Superman Kiss,, And Other Dumb Things

I’ve already gone on about how I think Wonder Woman and Superman hooking up is just stupid all around, but this is a Wonder Woman blog so I suppose I should keep on top of things.

First off, USA Today has the first official in-comic picture of the duo kissing, along with an article you’re welcome to read if you like getting upset about things.  Here it is:

Also, now has profiles for Superman and Wonder Woman.  I don’t even know where to start with this.  Here’s a peek at Wonder Woman’s:

You can see the whole profile here… it’s quite extensive.  Some interesting points:

  • “I’m a princess searching for her prince.”
  • Under For Fun: “Romance novels about vampires.”
  • Her profile name: Glamazon41

Now, I know that this is just meant to be cute, so I’m not going to tear it up or anything.  It’s just a dopey little thing.

However, this is all SUCH a publicity stunt.  They’ve gone from Entertainment Weekly to USA Today and now a sweet tie-in.  They just want press, and thus maybe some more sales… it hardly feels like they’re fixing to tell a good, organic story here.  They just like to get in the news every few months and sell some more books.  I know it’s a business and all, but actual stories will get you a lot further than this cycle of hype.  It’s going to have diminishing returns.

Anyway, now we’re caught up.  I might have a review of Justice League #12 Wednesday night, but maybe not.  I don’t want to just keep harping on this, as that’s no fun to read!!  Nobody likes a Debbie Downer.


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