Okay, One Last Comment On This Wonder Woman/Superman Thing OR Wonder Woman In A Secondary, Passive Role

This’ll be the last one, I promise.  Probably.  Sorry to keep complaining, but it’s just really bothering me.  Especially when I saw the full page of the kiss.  Maybe I’m over-reading into things, but they really seem to be putting Wonder Woman in a secondary, passive kind of role here.

First off, there’s the cover:

Superman is flying, and appears to have scooped up Wonder Woman to go in for the kiss.  He’s got his arms wrapped around her while she just sorts of lays there.  Yeah, she’s got the lasso around him, but he seems none too constrained.  He’s clearly the active party in this embrace.  It’s like he’s taking Lois for a kissy flight or something (exactly like that, in fact).

Then, when Entertainment Weekly broke the story last week, they tweeted out that they had an announcement about “Superman’s new, ‘wonder’ful leading lady.”  It was announced in the context of “Superman’s got a new girlfriend,” not that two superhero heavyweights were getting together.  Again, Superman was the focus.

EDIT: On Twitter, @jonarrah reminded me that on Good Morning America they referred to Wonder Woman as a “new sexy sidekick” for Superman, which is pretty much exactly what we’re talking about here.  A lady can’t be her own, autonomous superhero (like she’s been for 70 years…).  She’s got to be secondary to a man, especially once a romance starts up.

Then there were those dopey match.com profiles.  Wonder Woman was “a princess searching for her prince,” while Superman’s said: “I need a woman who can keep up with me and my busy schedule!”  Wonder Woman’s profile is like a fairy tale, all yearning for a big strong prince to sweep her off her feet.  Superman’s is all active and strong… he’s busy and on the move, and if some chick can possibly keep up with that then he’d probably give her a go.  Yet again, very different roles.

And finally, there’s the full page kiss:

Wonder Woman is practically enveloped by Superman.  She’s curled up in his lap, hand against his chest, head slightly back.  In both images, it’s Superman making the move, and here he’s again holding her and pulling her in, in control of the action.  In both pictures, they’re not kissing so much as Wonder Woman is being kissed.

So two things… one, it’s WONDER WOMAN.  She’s a take charge kind of gal.  This fairy tale crap, swept up by some dude scene isn’t her at all.  If she’s going to hook up with a guy, SHE’s going to hook up with a guy and the guy should probably just hang on tight.

Two, come on!!  Putting the woman in the secondary, passive role ALL the time isn’t cool.  They’re doing this even in little ways, like it’s always “Superman and Wonder Woman” and never the other way around.  I’m not saying that Wonder Woman needs to be the primary, active participant ALL the time, just that they could maybe even it out some.  This is getting a lot of press, and all of it is making Wonder Woman look like the lead of a romance novel.  It’s getting on my nerves.

Anyway, hopefully that’s the last I have to say about this.  I’m going to try very hard to stop complaining now!!


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5 Responses to “Okay, One Last Comment On This Wonder Woman/Superman Thing OR Wonder Woman In A Secondary, Passive Role”

  1. Karl Says:

    Dont even get me started on what my feelings are about this storyline.
    The below comments are actually moderated by me, and thats saying something, so offended am I by this.
    No self-respecting Superman or Wonder Woman fan would support any of this in any way whatsoever.
    To me the two characters have always had that best friends/ work colleague vibe, nothing romantic. A friend of mine always assumed they had more of a brother/sister vibe but she hasnt had a boyfriend since the Lynda Carter series ended so what the fuck would she know, lol.
    The desperate way DC are trying to spin this absurd plot to woo readers over is indicative of how writers and editors treat their consumers, no, fans…no doubt on sites like Comicology or Comic Book Resources the pathetic lickspitles will be creaming their collective pants [short pants] at the prospect of this ‘love story of the century’.
    Old-style readers wont fall for this tosh…we’ve been around for far too long to accept this. Not even an Elseworlds has attempted this before, and even Kingdom Come had the decency to put it at the tail-end of the story so it wouldnt put people off.

  2. Te Says:

    Yeah, these are many of the reasons why I’ve been having a problem with this canon, and I’ve always *liked* the idea of Clark and Diana having a thing going. You know, the way they *would* do it. *sighs*

    Clark has always gone for *dominant* women. Making Diana… *this* and *then* hooking them up is just bizarre and wrong.

  3. Kenny Says:

    To Karl. Stop spewing out foolish statements that show your biases.
    Wonder woman and batman gettting together is even more ridiculous. Who becomes secondary? WW? Batman. Using the foolish logic stated above, both characters are lessened by being together. As for the argument that these powerful heros need someone human t ground them……to that I think you are again making absurd statements. They do not need someone human to ground them okay…. They ground themselves by seeing the suffering of the world around them. Comics evolve. If they continued to use the same storylines without change, the end result would be cancellation of the superman comics due to low sales. But you would rather have the character end its publication so long as DC does not publish something that offends your delicate sensitivities… Grow up. Read the comic. Do not read the comic. But stop making foolish remarks

  4. Nicola Vigaretti Says:

    Do get a life sweetie, preferably one that dosent involve insults to people that know better. Ive read the comments of the top two posters before, on here and on other sites and whilst I disagree with some views they have always seemed in the main fairly knowledgable. Karl in particular has amassed quite the minor following amongst WW fandom and is often entertaining. At least these two understand what theyr talking about [most of the time…]…can you say the same?
    we are all entitled to our opinions, and just for the record some of us have been reading these characters for a LONG time now, and are perfectly well placed to voice our displeasure. If youre ever in need of a racist or homophobic rant involving WW may I suggest you get ones overly-offended ass over post-haste to CBRs forum where your kinds of insults would be welcomed with greasy arms.
    Btw I am not stating you made any offensive racist or homophobic remarks, simply stating that to come on here and post insults is in poor taste and belongs on another forum, like the notorious one mentioned above.
    I cant believe this is only the second blog Ive posted on, but I felt compelled to post something, annoyed as I am by this ‘individual’.
    It might be best if you do not post here again.

  5. Dewayne Says:

    I agree. Kenny, youre not wanted here.
    Take your offensive remarks back to South Park, Mr. Hankeys waiting for you, he might teach you some manners. m’kay.

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