First Look At Lee Pace As Thranduil In The Hobbit!!

Dudes, I saw this MENTIONED on Twitter.  I had to go google it myself!!  How is everyone not flipping about how awesome this is?  The first pictures of Lee Pace as Thranduil are out and he’s SUPER bad ass!!  I’m posting this as a public service announcement because there is a serious lack of excitement out there right now.  I mean, let’s zoom in:

COME ON!!  How great is this?  Check out that crown.  And that snazzy jacket.  And the eyebrows!!  Lee Pace has the most impressive eyebrows in the world, really.  Thranduil is also really into rings apparently.  He looks so cool!!!

To be fair, I may be biased because I LOVE Lee Pace.  He’s Ned the pie maker!!  Oh, Pushing Daisies… you left us too soon.  But yeah, I think he looks awesome.  I especially love the crown.  It’s all woodsy and such, and a different style then what we’ve seen with Elrond and Galadriel, which is fun.  I like that the Mirkwood elves have their own sort of thing going on.

Anyway, I can’t wait for The Hobbit!!  All 47 parts of it.  I don’t know whether Thranduil will show up in the first part, but at least now we know what he looks like, and he looks AWESOME.  Show us Smaug next, please!!


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