A Wonder Woman Sketch By Eisner Winner Ramón Pérez

I recently read Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, which was an odd book to say the least.  There’s a big introduction at the beginning about how Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl tried for years to get this screenplay made into a movie but it never worked out, and after reading it I can totally understand why.  Storywise, it’s not good at all.  I mean, it’s 1960s psychedelia, really, which can be fun, but Tale of Sand was just weirdly random and obvious.  It’s almost like it was TRYING to be psychedelic, like Henson and Juhl wrote it straight instead of while on copious amounts of LSD.  Anyway, the “plot” was just bad.

However, I heartily recommend that you check out this book.  The story is dumb, but the art is just GORGEOUS.  You can ignore the words entirely and look at the pictures because Tale of Sand is a tour de force piece of work by Ramón Pérez.  The book is worth checking out for the art alone.  The desert setting, the character work, the page layouts, the many weird events and items and locales that pop up… it’s just beautifully done.  I mean, look at this:

I was blown away by the art.  No wonder he won an Eisner for it.

And now, of course, I want to see Ramón Pérez on a Wonder Woman book.  Perhaps a limited series or a graphic novel where he can take his time and really go to town.  I would pay all of the dollars for a book like that.  Unfortunately, all I can find is this sketch from the page of a tumblr user with the excellent handle of themiscyrian-feminist:

Seriously, DC, get on this.  It would be fantastic!!  Marvel’s got him now, and he’s soon to start a run on Wolverine & the X-Men, but go after him and get him on a Wonder Woman book.  Even just an annual!!  And let him live it up with double page spreads.  Plus you could put “Eisner Winner Ramón Pérez” on the cover.  I promise I’d buy several.


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