Greg Rucka And J.H. Williams III’s Scrapped Wonder Woman Earth One

I almost wish I didn’t know about this one.

As reported at DC Women Kicking Ass and first mentioned in the latest fantastic episode of “3 Chicks Review Comics”, Greg Rucka was going to write Wonder Woman Earth One for DC Comics.  The Earth One line are graphic novels that tell the early days of DC’s biggest superheroes, outside the bounds of continuity.  Superman Earth One by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis was fairly average, and Batman Earth One by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank kind of sucked, but they both sold like hotcakes and sequels are coming.

Rucka was scheduled to write Wonder Woman Earth One, with art by the amazing J.H. Williams III, when the rug was pulled out from him.  Here’s what happened, in Rucka’s own words:

I was told I was not going to do it. Dan Didio called me and told me he was giving it to someone else. And I said if you take that away from me I can no longer work for you because I have taken many a job for you, sir, on the promise of doing this and now you’re taking it away and I can no longer accept your promises any more. He had his reasons for doing it; this is not me throwing stones. This is just the way things shook out.

The book is now being written by Grant Morrison, and the rumour is that the art will be by Yannick Paquette.  I want a Grant Morrison Wonder Woman like I want to be kicked in the crotch, but I’m trying to save my impassioned feelings about that for if/when the book is announced.  It will be a dark, angry day, should it come.

So Rucka, far and away one of the best writers for female characters that DC has EVER had and one of the few people in recent memory who wrote a readable Wonder Woman, got pulled off the project.  Not only that, but we lost more Rucka stories at DC because he very justifiably doesn’t want to work for them anymore.  No more Rucka Batwoman.  No more Rucka Montoya (or Montoya generally, it seems).  Just more shitty Morrison.

In the podcast, Rucka briefly talked about his take on Diana, and it was fantastic.  His Wonder Woman was a young woman who was itching to get off Paradise Island and find out what the rest of the world was like.  He described a scene where the Amazons are doing some stargazing, looking up at the sky, while Diana aims her telescope towards the horizon, trying to see what lies beyond the confines of her home.  You should go listen to “3 Chicks Review Comics” to hear the full conversation about his plan for the book.  It was SO good.

And we could have had an ENTIRE graphic novel of J.H. Williams III doing Wonder Woman!!  That would have been amazing.  It’s fun that Wonder Woman is guest starring in Batwoman now, but imagine a whole graphic novel with Williams designing Paradise Island and the Amazons and the gods… how fantastic would that be?  And now it’s never going to happen.

Sometimes I feel like I’m just better off knowing how stupid the brass at DC can be.  This news bummed me out like crazy.  How do you not let GREG RUCKA do a Wonder Woman graphic novel with J.H. WILLIAMS III?!  Do they hate good comics?  This news just makes me sad.  The folks at DC really need to get it together.


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3 Responses to “Greg Rucka And J.H. Williams III’s Scrapped Wonder Woman Earth One”

  1. Karl Says:

    Rucka had the most consistent take on Diana that we needed for years…she wouldve precisely opened an Embassy in a natural evolution from Perez’s creation.
    What I didnt like was the interminable Embassy staff…Rachel, Jonah, the snoozefest that was Ferdinand, the most unnessecary character ever to appear in the book.. These characters lacked colour and focus and took said focus away from Diana. It was all a bit ‘po-faced’ at times.
    I did rate his unique take on the Olympian Gods – all the writiers are doing it now!!!!!!!!!!!!! – and Veronica Cale, plus a suitable plot ending for the disturbed Vanessa/Silver Swan storyline.
    And who can forget Io? I thought his writing was very good at times.

    I despair at Morrison writing her in a Year One…I despair, I really do. I went off him years ago when he suggested having siblings Sue and Johnny from the Fantastic Four commit incest in his Marvel Knights ‘4’ series. Might have been only a joke…but FF fans didnt appreciate his dark humor.
    He freely admits he dosent understand WW so his mini-series dosent inspire much optimism.

  2. Magpie Monday | Robert E. Stutts Says:

    […] I’d like Rucka on that book. You can read more about this disappointing news at The Beat and Straitened Circumstances, which have commentary and links to the Rucka […]

  3. jp Says:

    That´s just bullshit. They should have got both of them to do it, and had Rucka´s as Year One. It´s just soooooo stupid, they could have scheduled them to come out at the same time, adding marketing to a JL movie. What dick heads. I´m not a Morrison hater, and I´ve heard about his take and it might be interesting, but Ruckas sounded fantastic. I think Rucka should lose his pride and just ask for a Year One title; I mean he must know corporate clones are idiots by now, and he should just do it for the love of the character. Lets write him and DC.

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