Wonder Woman #15 Cover And Solicitation

It’s solicits Monday today, so all the new covers and such are slowly being released throughout the day.  Here’s a look at the fantastic cover for Wonder Woman #15, along with what’s going on with the story:

Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG
On sale DECEMBER 19
• Who is Orion — and what are the New Gods?!
• Massive changes are coming for Wonder Woman and the entire DC Universe!
• Get ready for round 1 of Wonder Woman vs. Orion!

When this comes out in December, we’ll have been waiting for months since the big reveal in August!!  That’s cruel, but I’m sure there’ll be lots of Wonder Woman fun in between.

Anyway, Orion!!  I’m super excited for this.  Tying Wonder Woman with her old gods to Orion and the New Gods is such a cool idea, and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do with it.  “Massive changes” can always be a little worrisome, but hopefully that’s more about re-introducing the New Gods and less about another unpleasant revision to Wonder Woman’s past.

Also, Cliff Chiang’s cover is great!!  I love the slight distortion on Wonder Woman as she’s reflected in Orion’s helmet, and how just the top quarter of his head takes up the ENTIRE cover.  The wide eye is pretty great too.  This one it going to look really cool on the stands, all done up with the title and such.

Look for Wonder Woman #15 on December 19, just in time for Christmas, so buy some as gifts for your friends!!  Celebrate the birth of a new god by stuffing their stockings with the rebirth of the New Gods!!  DC ought to make an ad campaign out of that.


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