Women In Comics Statistics: DC Comics, July 2012, Week By Week

DC Comics is in a bit of a rut, gang.  There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes with some editorial moves and some recent cancellations and new books, and the results haven’t been good in terms of women getting credits in DC books.  The relative stability at DC seems to have ended, and their numbers all over the place.  Especially overall… let’s take a look:

This is a wider spread than we’re used to seeing with DC.  Hitting 11.5% is, sadly, kind of high for DC lately (they used to average 11.5% some months!!), but bottoming out at 7.9% is surprisingly low.  Based on the solicits, things look like they might start getting better by October, but for right now DC is putting up some of the worst numbers we’ve seen from them since this project began.  To the mega-chart:

In June, DC had 9 zeroes on their chart, and this month the zero counter is at 10.  “Slightly worse than last month and I’m not sure why” is the theme of these stats, really.  They put out pretty much the same books in July that they did in June, but things are just not quite as good in a lot of spots, and nothing is particularly better.

Cover artists went terribly for female creators in July.  Half of the weeks had none at all, and the other two weeks were very low.  Only three women worked on DC covers in July.  In comparison, there were 157 male credits for covers.  These numbers are paltry.

Writers were almost consistent, except for that last week.  They were also very low, with one female writer each of the first three weeks.  There were four female writing credits in June, so this is, again, slightly less.

Artists didn’t have the best month either.  Five of the eight slots were zeroes, and the weeks there actually were female artists weren’t great, with only three pencillers and one inker.  This is, yet again, one less than last month.  Both DC and Marvel haven’t been doing the best with female artists lately, despite there being a lot of talent out there.  It’s odd.

Colourists weren’t terrible!!  They had two very good weeks, a slightly below average week, and a zero.  Compared to the other creative categories, that’s spectacular.  It’s also slightly better than June, for a nice change.  Letterers remained steady, with Saida Temofonte on the same three books.  If she ever googles herself, she might think I’m a weirdo for mentioning her every month, but she’s the ONLY female letterer at the Big Two!!

Editorial was surprisingly similar to last month, in both categories, with only slight variations.  Full editors remain very low.  The promotion of Bobbie Chase has shaken up the editorial ranks, and the balance has shifted.  Assistant editors did decently, with only one week in the low range.  They carry a lot of the overall total for female creators, as always.

Altogether, July was a lot like June, but lower in a few spots.  Only colourists had better numbers this month.  Everything else was equal or down.  I’m not sure why the usually consistent DC is dipping down so low, either.  Even in the transition to the New 52, which was a HUGE change for the company with lots of new creators and editorial shuffling, the numbers didn’t change all that much.  This weird dip these past couple months is unusual and, from what I’ve done for August so far, not about to get better any time soon.


  • The busiest book this month was Batman Beyond Unlimited #6 with 15 creators, 3 of them women.  Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #1, Batman #11, and Justice League #11 tied for second with 14 creators each, with 2, 1, and 1 female creators respectively.
  • The book with the highest percentage of female creators was Green Lantern: The Animated Series #4 at 2 of 5.  The best mainline superhero book was Green Arrow #11 at 3 of 10.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

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