A Fantastic Wonder Woman Sketch From An Up And Coming Young Artist

Seeing as this is a Wonder Woman blog and all, I sporadically feature Wonder Woman sketches from some great artists.  This site has showcased talents like J.H. Williams III, Jim Lee, Ramón Pérez, George O’Connor, and many more.  Today, though, we’ve got a piece from a young artist who blows all of those dudes out of the water.

I got this awesome Wonder Woman sketch for my birthday from my niece Lois, a five-year old ringette enthusiast and Wonder Woman fan, and it’s super cool:

She’s got all the important elements for a great Wonder Woman sketch: the lasso, the tiara, the boots, and the bracelets, plus she’s got a big smile on her face too.  A lot of artists go for a tougher look with Wonder Woman, but Lois has struck a happier tone here that really fits the piece.

Also, Wonder Woman is wearing shorts because it’s the fall now, and they’re warmer than a skirt or briefs.  That seems very sensible to me.  Lois is a bold artist who’s not afraid to mix it up and challenge our preconceived notions.

I got a Cliff Chiang Wonder Woman page for my birthday, which is pretty spectacular, but Lois’ Wonder Woman drawing means even more to me and I absolutely love it.


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