My Favourite Wonder Woman T-Shirt OR I Pitch A Justice League/Friends Crossover

Finishing up my rundown of awesome birthday presents, I also got a super classy Wonder Woman t-shirt (and a great Adventure Time t-shirt too, but this isn’t a lumpin’ Adventure Time blog).  There are lots of fantastic Wonder Woman t-shirts out there, with cool images and fun styles, but the vast majority of the good ones are made for girls.  They’ve got those super-short sleeves and the sides pull in and there’s scoop necks and such.  I just can’t pull that off.

Most of the few Wonder Woman shirts for guys are sort of plain, but finally there’s a fun one from Junk Food.  Let’s check it out:

It’s Wonder Woman AND Superman, so you get two for the price of one.  Plus you get a hilarious Friends reference, which is all the more appropriate now that Wonder Woman and Superman are a couple.  How much do you want to bet that Superman gets jealous of Wonder Woman spending all her time with her co-worker Steve Trevor, they break up, and that very night Superman hooks up with Lois at a club?  If Geoff Johns follows the Rachel/Ross trajectory exactly, this could be the greatest comic run of all time.  I can’t wait for the issue where the invisible jet breaks down when Wonder Woman takes the Justice League, sans Superman, skiing, and Superman has to come rescue them.  Or the one where they get back together BUT Superman falls asleep reading a letter Wonder Woman wrote him that was eighteen pages, FRONT AND BACK.  I watch a lot of Friends.

SIDENOTE: Were they really on a break?  Technically, yes.  And the break was Rachel’s idea even, despite her immediately regretting it.  However, Ross sleeping with someone else right away is just not cool at all.  “We were on a break” is no defense for that kind of hooking up turnaround.  I’m on Team Rachel for this one.

Oh, here’s another great issue for down the road when Geoff Johns starts running out of ideas!!  Wonder Woman can get pregnant and Green Lantern will fall in love with her but not do anything about it, but then later Wonder Woman will fall for Green Lantern and they’ll try to get together and it’ll be awkward and weird and everyone will immediately regret pursuing that storyline.

Seriously, Geoff Johns, this Wonder Woman and Superman as Rachel and Ross idea is gold!!  You’re going to need to add some girls to the Justice League so we can have a Monica and Phoebe, though.  Maybe you could just add some girls to the Justice League anyway, regardless of this great Friends arc I’m pitching.  One is not a lot.

Anyway, it’s an awesome shirt and I think it’s super hilarious.  Finally I don’t have to look silly in a tight, scoop neck t-shirt to represent my Wonder Woman fandom!!


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