A Classic Wonder Woman Underoos Ad From 1978

I saw this tweet from famed Wonder Woman artist and all around good dude Phil Jimenez the other day:

And I thought the video should definitely be shared.  It’s a 1978 ad for superhero Underoos, including a tall Wonder Woman and some classy dance moves (EDIT: Dangit, embedding has been disabled for this video. You’ll have to click twice, gang… it’s arduous, I know):

If I was a kid in 1978, I’d have been all about getting those Underoos!!  Hell, I’m a grown man in 2012 and I’d totally wear a Superman set in my size.  Underoos are classic.

I like the Shazam set too.  It’s super fun.  How many kids woke up to a depressing Christmas in 1978 with that Aquaman set in their stocking, though?  It’s just green briefs and an orange t-shirt with an “A” slapped on it.  Not cool.

Underoos were also very ahead of their time!!  More than 30 years before Miles Morales, they had had a black Spider-Man.  That’s pretty impressive foresight.

The best part, though, is animated Wonder Woman half assedly dancing along while kid Wonder Woman just goes for it.  That, and the spin change.  I love that they went with the spin change.

If you look at other underoos ads (which I don’t really recommend… watching one is fine, but when you watch a bunch, even for researching a point on a change in gender dynamics in the ads, it just starts to feel creepy), Underoos ads soon became separated by gender.  Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, the Hulk, and the Flash were in one ad with all boys, while Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Spider-Woman, and Betty and Veronica were in another with all girls.  Maybe someone at Underoos thought it was sort of weird to have boys and girls dancing around in their underwear together, and fair point.  But I kind of like that Wonder Woman got teamed-up with the boys AND, like Phil said, she was taller than all of them.  Separating the genders and then lumping the female heroes with the perpetual love interests that are Betty and Veronica is sort of less cool.

Anyway, go try to find yourselves some superhero underwear and learn that classy dance.  You’ll be super cool, and you can team up with your friends and do it together!!


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2 Responses to “A Classic Wonder Woman Underoos Ad From 1978”

  1. Karl Says:

    I must have dozens, yes dozens of Wonder Woman t-shirts, so many I cant possibly wear them all. I wish I had WW underoos though, though I imagine they only made them in childs sizes.
    Ive got a WW apron however. Dont know why I bought it as I hardly ever cook!

  2. Marlene Says:

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    What may you recommend about your put up that you just made a few days in the past?
    Any positive?

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