Huge Spoiler For Wonder Woman #13?!

I was just checking out all of the art DC showed at their “From Concept to Page” panel at New York Comic Con, and in the midst of all the cool designs (more on that later on today) there was a pitch for Wonder Woman #0 that included BIG details about the next issue.  Now, I wasn’t at the panel and I can’t find a recap of it online, so maybe they mentioned that these details have been discarded or changed.  Take this with a grain of salt.

But first…


Hypothetical spoilers, I suppose, but nonetheless…


Okay, here is Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman #0 pitch that DC posted along with the art:

If you can’t read it well, the bottom says:

HOOK: Wonder Woman will, in the next issue, slay Ares in the present, proving him wrong about her and setting up the new status quo in which she refuses the mantle of God of War.  The Minotaur, of course, will also recur as a villain down the line.

So more Minotaur is fun!!  But the big reveal, of course, is that Ares is getting killed BY Wonder Woman AND that she’ll refuse to become the God of War.  That’s sort of crazy!!  And odd that she would kill Ares.  I wonder what will prompt that?

Anyway, big potential spoilers there.  Also, I don’t know if when Azzarello says “in the next issue” he means in Wonder Woman #13 or in the next issue that Cliff Chiang is going to draw, since Tony Akins is scheduled to do Wonder Woman #13.  He probably means Wonder Woman #13 since the solicit reads “Ares, god of war, takes a sudden interest in the Amazing Amazon!” and then Ares isn’t mentioned in the solicits for the next two issues.  Plus we’re onto Orion with Wonder Woman #15.

So we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see how this all plays out.  Off hand, I’m not super jazzed about the idea of Wonder Woman killing Ares, but of course I’ll withhold judgment until I read the actual issue.

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

5 thoughts on “Huge Spoiler For Wonder Woman #13?!

  1. I imagine Killing Ares/War will just be a temporary setback for the god of war, with being the embodiment of war and all. Or it could mean an end to actual war, which, for Wonder Woman and the world would be a good thing and would actually be interesting to see the effect that would have.

    1. That’s a good point. “Killing” a Greek god might not be a permanent situation. An end to actual war could be cool, but would definitely screw up the rest of the DC universe. The big crossover they’re building to is called “Trinity War”, so the war ending probably won’t happen.

  2. I’m gonna take an alternate view – obviously I might hate the execution, no pun intended – but I like it when Wonder Woman kills people, and then refuses to be boxed in by it. I like that she never does it lightly, or often, but that on the rare occasions when she does, the character refuses to be…boxed in by it the way we’re trained by superhero comics to believe she should be.

    Of course, for every Max Lord you get Geoff Johns deciding this means that now MURDERIN’ STUFF is gonna be her go-to forever and I roll my eyes something fierce. But I sort of like the idea of her deciding she needs to kill Ares, but then immediately turning around and refusing to behave in a stereotypical way in the wake of that. Proving she did it out of need, not lust for power.

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