Wonder Woman #13 Preview OR Pool Party With The Gods!!

Hero Complex has posted a five page preview of Wonder Woman #13.  Actually, they posted it on Friday and I totally didn’t even notice.  It must have got lost in the NYCC shuffle… it was a four day comic news storm over the past little while!!  Anyway, here it is now:

So first up, Apollo’s celebrating becoming king of the gods by throwing a pool party.  Bad ass, man.  That does not make a strong statement.  Everyone likes a pool party, but it can’t be the FIRST thing that you do.  At the very least, talk about the serious things first and THEN go out and party it up by the pool.

Second, a big dude ate that little dude’s head!!  Who is this big dude?  I mean, we know he’s the “crippler of souls” and the “first born”, but that’s not telling us a lot.  He’s tall, but not really giant tall… giants play a big role in Greek mythology, and were one of the first creatures Gaia created, but not the first, really.  Hesiod says that Gaia and Uranus’ first born was Oceanus, but this guy doesn’t seem particularly watery, nor epic enough to be a Titan.  And technically, Uranus was Gaia’s firstborn before they started doing it, but again I’d think a Titan would be even more formidable.  Now, after Wonder Woman #12 I thought that the scarred arm we saw, which seems to belong to this dude, might be Zeus, but a) he doesn’t look much like this dude, and b) Zeus is commonly referred to as the lastborn of Cronus and Rhea (although in The Iliad he is occasionally called the firstborn).

All of that to say, I don’t know who this guy is.  I guess we’ll have to read the issue and find out.  Or read the issue, get a hint or two, and find out a few months down the road.  We shall see.

Look for Wonder Woman #13 this Wednesday at comic shops everywhere!!


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2 Responses to “Wonder Woman #13 Preview OR Pool Party With The Gods!!”

  1. Karl Says:

    Good preview, even though on first look it seems much the same as before with the first arc. Very dark, and much emphasis on supporting characters.
    Does look as if we’re headed in a slightly different direction in this new arc tho, so thats something.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Yeah, I’m really curious to see how this Orion thing goes for the book. I’m sure it’ll continue to be dark, but I think it might take the book in a cool, new direction.

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