Women At DC Comics Watch – January 2013 Solicits

Holy cats, we’re into the 2013 solicits already!!  Time sure does fly when you’re writing a monthly check in on the state of female creators and characters at major comic publishers.  DC ended 2012 looking improved if not yet particularly good.  Let’s see how things will start out for them in the new year:

  • We’ve got the same female writers as December, with Ann Nocenti on Catwoman #16 and Green Arrow #16, Gail Simone on Batgirl #16, and Christy Marx on Sword of Sorcery #4.
  • There’s no Nicola Scott on Earth 2 in January, but we do have Sandra Hope inking Worlds’ Finest #8.
  • Also, Emanuela Lupacchino drew the cover for Ame-Comi Girls #4 featuring Power Girl and Jill Thompson is doing a variant cover for Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #5.
  • Over at Vertigo, Lauren Beukes and Inaki Miranda continue their run on Fairest, while Yuko Shimizu is on cover duties for The Unwritten #45.
  • DC has four annuals scheduled for January, none of which have any female creators and none of which seem to feature female characters in any prominent way.
  • However, we are going to learn the story of “the last Amazon” in Earth 2 #8.
  • Wonder Woman is on the cover of Injustice: Gods Among Us #1, but there are also seven dudes and no female creators.
  • There’s a lady on the cover of Insurgent #1 too, but again surrounded by a bunch of dudes and no female creators.
  • A bunch of books have final issues in January, none of which feature lead female characters or creators, so at least we’re not losing anybody. The only New 52 replacement book announced so far is the space adventure series Threshold, and of the cast listed there does seem to be one female character: Karel Sorenson, a member of the Star Rovers.  However, since the book is reinventing several old properties, maybe we’ll see some gender swaps or some such.  Also, no female creators are solicited on that book either.

So for January 2013, there are 9 female creators on 9 books, a slight step up from December’s 8 female creators on 9 books.  It’s not a huge improvement, and it’s still dwarfed by the 200 or so male creators, but it’s an improvement and it continues DC’s string of decent months they started in October.  An increase is always good to see!!

As for female characters in new books, there are several new series and annuals in January and none of them have a female lead.  However, a few of these new series are team books that include a female character among all the dudes, so that’s something at least.  Not a lot, but something.

Overall, January 2013 looks to be relatively decent for DC.  They’re not really going to town with new female characters or creators, but nor are they going backwards either.  Instead we get very slight improvement.  Hooray?


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