Chibi Wonder Woman Art By Jill Thompson

Yesterday on Twitter, artist Jill Thompson was posting some cool pieces that will soon be available for purchase at Cadence Comic Art.  Thompson is of course known for all sorts of fun things, like The Scary Godmother and Beasts of Burden, plus she worked on Sandman!!  In my books, you’re automatically a legend if you’ve worked on Sandman, and doubly so if you did so awesomely.

Anyway, one of the pieces was this cute chibi Wonder Woman:

I usually prefer my Wonder Woman to be more bad ass than cute, but come on.  This is just adorable.  Skipping with the lasso of truth?  That’s just fantastic.


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One Response to “Chibi Wonder Woman Art By Jill Thompson”

  1. Karl Says:

    So cute…
    and youre right; WW can be both kick-ass and cute too, its all part and parcel of her natural, innate charm.

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