Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, August 2012, Week By Week

Marvel had a pretty fantastic August, with strong numbers overall and in most of the categories.  Next month will be the one year anniversary of Marvel lifting itself up out of the women in comics statistics basement and putting up much stronger numbers, and I’m really glad to see that they’ve maintained this increase all year.  Here are their overall numbers for August:

Only one week below 10%, and just barely at that, is great, not to mention two weeks in the 12s and a high of 15.4%!!  These are very solid numbers, and among some of the best, most consistently good numbers we’ve seen.  A year ago, a high of 9.9% would have been decent for Marvel, and now it’s their low.  That’s some solid progress.  Onto the super-sized mega-chart:

Marvel’s been doing well, but representation isn’t their strong suit.  Last month, their zero counter was at 12, which is just far too high.  Their adjusted August total is 10.4, which isn’t so fantastic either, but it’s a reasonable decrease nonetheless.  We saw some good growth in a few categories in August.

Cover artists had a great month, with no zeroes whatsoever and three weeks in the ballpark of 10%.  Those 3.3%s aren’t great, but they’re well balanced out by the stronger weeks.  These are very good numbers.

Writers did well too, with only one zero and strong numbers across the board.  There were two weeks with 1 female writer, and two more with 2 each, for 6 female writer credits overall.  Marvel had as many female writers in one week as DC did all month.

However, DC slammed Marvel in terms of female artists.  This continues to be a problem area for Marvel.  Seven zeroes and only 3 credits combined for pencillers and inkers is ridiculously low, especially considering the talent Marvel has at their disposal.  Their overall numbers are better these days, but their female art credits used to be better than this.

It was a very consistent month for colorists, and I’m glad to see that there were no zeroes for a change.  Four of the five weeks were in the teens, and the one week that wasn’t was still not too bad.  As for female letterers, of course there were none.  As we do every month, let us pause and mark the days since Marvel last published work by a female letter all the way back on January 26, 2011:



It was a good month for editors.  There was one week in the low teens, which you don’t like to see, but there were two weeks in 30s, which is great.  Assistant editors had an even better time of it, with a very high low of 29.4% and two weeks in the 40s.  Those are really solid numbers.

Overall, August went very well for Marvel.  Female artists remain a glaring weakness, and their complete lack of female letterers continues to confound, but apart from that Marvel is doing a really good job with female creator representation.  Plus, given what I’ve seen of September so far, things might get even better next month!!


  • The busiest book of the month was Amazing Spider-Man #692 with 17 different creators, 2 of them women.  One of those women was Ellie Pyle, who is assistant editor on several Spider-Man titles each month, as well as a bunch of other series too.  She’s one of the busiest women at Marvel!!
  • The book with the highest percentage of female creators was Untold Tales of the Punisher MAX #5 at 4 of 7, a rare majority.  If my Twitter feed is any indication, ladies love the Punisher.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

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