Elise Estrada’s New Charity Single “Wonder Woman” Dedicated To Bullying Victim Amanda Todd

I don’t know if big stories up in here in Canada get much play elsewhere in the world, but the biggest story in Canada over the past month has been the death of Amanda Todd.  A fifteen year old from British Columbia, Amanda had been blackmailed, cyber-bullied, and teased and assaulted at school.  She switched schools several times, and got treatment for depression and anxiety.  A video she posted on Youtube in September titled My Story: Struggling, Bullying, Suicide and Self Harm detailed her experiences, and soon went viral.  Tragically, Amanda committed suicide on October 10, 2012.

The response in Canada has been widespread.  There have been vigils, moments of silence, rallies, and new commitments to anti-bullying campaigns have been made in provincial legislatures and even in parliament.  Amanda Todd’s death has sparked a massive anti-bullying response that will hopefully save lives.

One of these responses is a charity single by Vancouver recording artist Elise Estrada.  Much like with Canadian news, I have no idea if people outside of Canada know about Estrada.  We have Canadian content laws up here, so we hear Canadian music on the radio ALL the time.  Her biggest single is probably “Unlove You”.  It gets played so often, I unintentionally know all the words.

Estrada’s new charity single is called “Wonder Woman”, and is dedicated to Amanda Todd:

The single is available on iTunes, and all of proceeds from the song will be donated to anti-bullying charities.

This is a very worthy cause, and not only is the song called “Wonder Woman”, it’s fairly specific with its Wonder Woman details.  It includes the line:

I wish I was made of steel, so all your bullets would bounce off

Which you could read as a Superman reference, I suppose, but it’s more likely about Wonder Woman’s bullet deflecting bracelets.  In the chorus, Estrada sings:

I’d rather dream like I’m flying through space, in my invisible plane

And we all know who has an invisible plane.  Did you ever think you’d hear an invisible plane shout out in a pop song?  The chorus also says:

I’d rather dream I was some kind of hero and the power to make this stop, just like Wonder Woman

And the bridge says:

If I was Wonder Woman, maybe I could stop this so no one ever has to hurt again

This single is probably one of the only times you’ll hear Wonder Woman referenced in a pop song, unless they finally make a Wonder Woman movie and they get Lady Gaga to redo the classic 1970s theme song or something (which they should absolutely do!!).

So if you like supporting a good cause and songs with Wonder Woman references, head over to iTunes and pick up the single.  It’s been getting steady radio play in Canada, and hopefully it will raise a lot of money for anti-bullying charities.


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2 Responses to “Elise Estrada’s New Charity Single “Wonder Woman” Dedicated To Bullying Victim Amanda Todd”

  1. Karl Says:

    I will be picking up this single later today, after I come back from work.
    Here in England we havent heard of Amanda Todd or Estrada, but the all-too unfortunate theme of bullying is widespread and I really hope this campaign helps.
    Terrible thing to have happen to this poor girl.

  2. Lucy Says:


    You should get out more often. There ARE other songs (pop or otherwise) about Wonder Woman. Just google it, or refer to Brett Jett’s online book entitled “WHO IS WONDER WOMAN?”, and goto the “Music” section.

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