Fun Wonder Woman Collages Made From Old Comics

Artist Mike Alcantara’s superhero collages have been featured on a few different comic sites lately, and it turns out he’s got a couple really cool Wonder Woman pieces.  Alcantara makes the collages from old comic books, and from the looks of them they must take AGES!!  He really loads them up with different panels, and does impressively intricate work to create solid colours.

Here’s a piece that includes the Wonder Woman logo (you should definitely click on it to make it bigger):

And another one with Wonder Woman’s tiara (again, click for big):

From what I can see in the pieces, it looks like Alcantara is using Wonder Woman comics from the late 1970s.  Here’s another collage that features Orana, the Amazon who replaced Wonder Woman briefly starting in Wonder Woman #250:

You can see more of Alcantara’s art on his DeviantArt page, including awesome pieces with Superman, Batman, the Flash, Star Trek, and many others.  You can also purchase pieces at his Etsy store, including the first two Wonder Woman collages posted here.  If someone wants to send me that Wonder Woman logo one, Christmas IS coming!!  The pieces are pricey, but really nice.  He should consider doing some prints.  I’d be all over that.


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3 Responses to “Fun Wonder Woman Collages Made From Old Comics”

  1. Karl Says:

    this looks like a cute idea, tho the notion of destroying precious comics fills me with shock horror, esp WW comics! Would any self-respecting WW really cut up their favourite book to make collages?
    Even if it were Amazon Attacks?
    Even if it were the Oddysey storyline?


    Oh, fair enough!

    Seriously, I had a WW transfer stickers/ colouring book as a child -still have it – and it had a similar collage on the back page of panels from a Seventies issue, which I duly coloured in. The final panes saw Steve turned into a monster and WW killing him with her tiara and exclaiming ‘Steve’s dead!’. Rather morbid way to end a colouring book for children.

  2. Magpie Monday | Robert E. Stutts Says:

    […] out these fun Wonder Woman collages made from old comics over at Straitened […]

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