Happy Election Day, America!! GO VOTE!!

It’s election day in the United States, and I hope all my American readers are out voting!!  It’s your civic duty AND you get a sticker.  It’s win-win.  Plus Wonder Woman would totally want you too, even though she’s an illegal immigrant and probably can’t vote herself.  Well, I suppose the Golden Age Wonder Woman could, seeing as she bought Diana Prince’s entire identity.  But these days, I don’t think she’s a registered citizen.  But if you are, get on it!!

You may not get to vote for this super great ticket:

Though what a ticket that would be.  Diana Prince AND Etta Candy?  You’d get a fair, smart leader, and it would definitely be a huge boon for the candy industry.  Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan may not be quite as classy as that ticket, but you should definitely go vote for one of them.  Either or.

Before you do though, let’s learn from the girls who voted AGAINST Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman #7.  Note how they’ve been distracted from the superior ticket:

So there’s a lesson for all of you: Don’t be fooled by the pandering white guy.  It’s just something to keep in mind when you head to the polls.

Happy election day, Americans!!  Stop reading this now and go vote!!


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2 Responses to “Happy Election Day, America!! GO VOTE!!”

  1. Karl Says:

    I imagine Obama will stay in office, tho not sure why as he hasnt really done much of any mention during his first tenure, bar ensuring everyone has to pay extra taxes for his pay-as-you-go healthcare plan. Its a noble idea in principle but it suggests everyone is eligible to pay and not everyone is….oohh, rant over.
    ‘Dont be fooled by the pandering white guy’? Hey, Tim come on I know you were talking about Steve here but imagine the furore if the same thing were said about Obama being black…we know Americans do love to make it all about the race issue [rich white man versus black man who made it good] but c’mon…
    Back to this article – I would LOVE it if our beloved Wonder Woman were President. Ok shes an ‘illegal immigrant’ [giggle] but shes done so much for America and the world. I say america should change the rules and allow non-Amercians to have a go. Why not? I adore Diana and would vote ofr her in a heartbeat….ok Amazon Attacks didnt exactly endear her nation to the US but that was only a blip [some blip *cough*]. I thought this vintage WW story was an absolute hoot form start to finish…who wouldnt want WW as President? Id vote for her, even if her Diana Prince secret identity did look like Sarah Palin on a really bad menopause.


    You know you want to.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Well, aside from universeal health care (including extended benefits for people in their 20s, no more “pre-existing condition” refusals, etc.), he ended the war in Iraq, is about to end the war in Afghanistan, killed Bin Laden, saved the auto indutry, repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, ended the Bush torture policies, passed credit card reform, signed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, reformed student loans, expanded Pell Grants… I could go on. ALSO, he stopped the recession from turning into a full-on depression, which is helpful too 🙂
      But yeah, Wonder Woman would be a super fun president. And luckily, Amazons Attack doesn’t even exist anymore… it’s a whole new universe!! That having to be born in the USA rule would make it tricky though. Maybe Barbara Gordon for president, and WW can be Secretary of State?

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