Women At DC Comics Watch – February 2013 Solicits

Knowing DC Comics like I do, I keep expecting this decent run of female creators to come to a grinding halt at any moment, but it just keeps on trucking.  February 2013 looks to be a solid month for female creators AND characters, continuing the trend we’ve seen in the solicits in recent months and that we are just now starting to see in comic book shops.

Before we run through the solicits, though, I need to issue a correction.  I’ve been counting Fairest artist Inaki Miranda as a female creator, when he is actually a man.  I had him designated incorrectly in my massive creator gender spreadsheet, and so the articles since the October solicits have overstated the number of female creators by one each month.  Luckily, I caught it before compiling the official stats for the full credits in October, and he’ll be tabulated accurately in my women in comics stats.  I apologize for the mistake, and I’ll definitely double and triple-check things in the future.

Now, onto the February 2013 solicits:

  • DC’s longest running female writer, Gail Simone, continues on with Batgirl #17, while Ann Nocenti writes Catwoman #17 and moves from Green Arrow to the all new Katana #1, and Christy Marx writes Sword of Sorcery #5.
  • On the art side, Nicola Scott is on pencils and the cover of Earth 2 #9, Sandra Hope inks Worlds’ Finest #9, and Rachel Dodson inks a variant cover for Action Comics #17.
  • EDIT: The artist for DC Universe Presents #17 is listed as “Ricken”, which as far as I can tell is a female artist from Japan who’s popular on DeviantArt. So that’s cool!!
  • The Young Romance: A New 52 Valentine’s Day Special #1 includes Ann Nocenti writing a story, and art by Becky Cloonan and Emanuela Lupacchino.
  • We’ll also see Emanuela Lupacchino again on the cover of Ame-Comi Girls #5 Featuring Supergirl.
  • Over at Vertigo, Lauren Beukes writes Fairest #12 and Yuko Shimizu continues her impressive run of covers with The Unwritten #46.
  • In terms of female characters, the new Justice League of America #1 features Catwoman, Katana, and Stargirl.
  • Plus, Katana has her own brand new series, as mentioned above.  It’s a big month all around for Katana!!

There were 8 female creators on 9 books in the January solicits, which is pretty decent comparatively, but in February we’ve got 11 female creators on 12 books!! (EDIT: Tentatively, if I’m right about Ricken).  That’s a nice jump.  Of course, one of those books is a one-time special, but there’s always specials of some sort each month.  So long as DC continues to make an effort to include women in these specials, the numbers could hold up.

DC also seems to be cultivating a group of female artists who don’t have regular gigs but who’ve popped up here and there lately.  Becky Cloonan has been in a bunch of books since August, while Emanuela Lupacchino looks to have several smaller jobs booked at DC.  Sandra Hope, an inker, is another artist who’s appeared in a few books lately, often to help finish an inking job, and who seems to have found a regular gig with Worlds’ Finest. Given the many months we’ve seen with no female artists at all, this is a pleasant change.

Katana wins the month for female characters appearing in new series, but she’s got some company in Justice League of America.  It’s got three times as many female characters as Justice League ever did.  I mean, I know Wonder Woman is as awesome as any other three heroines combined, but still… it’d be nice for her to have some company.

All together, February is looking good for ladies at DC Comics, real and fictional.  As always, parity, or even like a tenth of parity, is a LONG way off, but things have been better in recent months and are continuing to improve, and that’s a positive sign.


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