Wonder Woman #14 Preview OR Hera Really Is The Worst

Maybe I’m just not so aware, but a) Wonder Woman previews seem to be popping up in obscure coners of the internet lately, and b) doing so with little fanfare or linking by DC.  Regardless, there’s a preview for Wonder Woman #14 up over at Time Out Chicago, and it actually gives us some information for a change!!

The format for the preview was a little weird, so the images aren’t the best we’ve seen.  If you’re having trouble reading them, click on them they should be clearer:

So the big thing is that the First Born is actually the First Born of Zeus, buried deep in the Earth seven thousand years ago by Zeus and his brothers.  And the dude seems to have a real grudge about that, understandably.

I’m curious to see how this all fits together, mythologically.  Generally, the firstborn of Zeus is Athena, but this is clearly not Athena.  There is also a story about Zagreus, Zeus’ firstborn SON, who was brutally killed by the Titans.  Zeus got the child’s heart and fed it to Semele, and Dionysus was born from that union.  We’ve seen Dionysus, but maybe this is the body of Zagreus, and he’s so angry and mean because he has no heart?  Or maybe it’s just something new entirely, a secret firstborn that Azzarello came up with.

We also get some backstory on Siracca who, no surprise, seems to have endured terrible things at the hands of Hera.  No wonder she’s so skittish.  Hopefully Wonder Woman can break through her somewhat crazed exterior and help her out while getting her to help out.  I’m optimistic, seeing as she’s Wonder Woman and all.

Wonder Woman #14 is out this Wednesday, November 21, at comic shops everywhere!!


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3 Responses to “Wonder Woman #14 Preview OR Hera Really Is The Worst”

  1. Scott Nesmith Says:

    There was also a child of Zeus named Tityos, According to sources, Tityos was the son of Elara; his father was Zeus. Zeus hid Elara from his wife, Hera, by placing her deep beneath the earth. Tityos grew so large that he split his mother’s womb, and was carried to term by Gaia, the Earth. Once grown, Tityos attempted to rape Leto at the behest of Hera and was slain by Artemis and Apollo. As punishment, he was stretched out in Tartarus and tortured by two vultures who fed on his liver, which grew back every night.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Oh cool… Tityos would fit well, what with the family taking him down and him maybe crawling his way up out of Tartarus. I’m wondering if Azzarello has something specific in mind, or if he’s just cherrypicking myths/totally making stuff up with the First Born. For example, he made up Siracca, as far as I can tell.

  2. Karl Says:

    This is the first Azzarello preview Ive enjoyed [in the past, previews of his WW issues have been decidedly lacklustre; his first few pages never bode well]; the writing is good, the art – and particular the colouring – is excellent. Makes me look forward to the upcoming issue. Yes, pleased!

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