Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, September 2012, Week By Week

It was another record breaking month for Marvel, who posted the best weekly total we’ve seen thus far!!  But by category, there are still some lingering problems and some very underrepresented jobs.  Why can’t something be wall to wall awesome for a change?  Here are Marvel’s overall numbers for September 2012:

All four weeks over 10% is ridiculously good.  One week at 19% is the best we’ve ever seen!!  We’ve had big numbers before, usually in the fifth week of a five-week month when 10 or so comics come out so a couple of extra ladies goes a long way.  This was a full, proper week with 24 new books out, by far Marvel’s busiest week of the month, and they CRUSHED it.  Of those 24 books, only 4 didn’t feature a female creator in some capacity.  That’s spectacular.  However, Marvel’s still got some issues.  Let’s look at the mega-chart:

Last month, Marvel’s adjusted zero counter (it was a five-week month) was at 10.4.  In September, Marvel had 13 zeroes.  This is not good.  As we’ll see, there were some high totals in several categories, but there were also a lot of categories with some very poor representation.

Female cover artists had a very average September.  There was nothing too terrible, but there was nothing too great.  Marvel is capable of more, but it’s also far from their worst.

These writer numbers aren’t good, though.  There were 6 credits for female writers in August, and only 3 in September.  Dropping by half is terrible, especially when there are so many great female writers in the Marvel bullpen.

The artist numbers are even worse.  There was one female penciller and one female inker ALL month, and it was the same person!!  Sara Pichelli on Spider-Men #5.  This massive lack of female artists is really sad to see.  There’s NO reason that they can’t do better than this.

Colourists had a great week, a good week, a low but not awful week, and a zero.  It was impressively all over the map.  All told, it should even out into their average range.  As for letterers, there were none yet again.  Let us solemnly turn to our female letterer vigil, marking the time that has passed since that fateful day of January 26, 2011:



Come on, now.

Editors had a very strong month, with every week above 20% and one week in the 40s!!  But then assistant editors went and blew them out of the water with EVERY week above 40% and one week in the 50s!!  These are fantastic numbers, but also indicative of where Marvel’s at right now: Editorial is carrying the bulk of the load, and there are very few women on the creative side of things.

So it was a great, record breaking month, but in a behind the scenes sort of way.  Editors and colourists and the like are vitally important, of course, but such low numbers on the high profile jobs is disconcerting.  I’m very glad at what Marvel accomplished in September, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement.


  • The busiest books of the month were two of Marvel’s kids books, Marvel Universe Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #6 and Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #6, both with 12 different creators, and 1 and 2 female creators respectively.
  • The book with the highest percentage of female creators was Muppets #3 at 3 of 5, but three other titles were close behind with Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – Man in Black #4, Astonishing X-Men #54, and X-Men #36 all at 3 of 7.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

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