Wonder Woman Holiday Gift Guide 2012

If the commercials I’ve been seeing since before Halloween are any indication, the holiday season is upon us, so it’s time for our third annual Wonder Woman Holiday Gift Guide!!  If you’ve got a Wonder Woman fan in your life or you’re compiling your own Christmas list to send to Santa, look no further.  I’ve got you covered.

Each item is linked to a website that sells it, but I strongly encourage you to check out your local comic book shop first and see if they have what you’re looking for.  You can find your LCS here, or call 1-800-COMIC-BOOK.  Now, let’s revel in some mass consumerism and check out all the cool Wonder Woman stuff you can give and/or receive:

Wonder Woman: Blood by Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, and Tony Akins

Catch up on the new DCnU Wonder Woman with the first volume of the new series.  While things get a little dodgy right after this book ends, the six issues collected here are very fun and lovely.  If you haven’t checked out the DCnU Wonder Woman, this book is worth a look.

Wonder Woman: The Twelve Labors by various

You get over 200 pages of comics in this collection of Wonder Woman’s return to the Justice League in the 1970s.  There’s art by comic legends like Curt Swan and Dick Giordano, and it’s retro fun all around.  Plus it’s cheap!!

Wonder Woman Archives, Volume 7 by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter

This is not cheap, but it’s a darn good time.  Go back to the very beginning with some tales of the Golden Age Wonder Woman from the 1940s.  These stories have everything: space invaders, bondage, jingoistic war adventures, god of the underworld Pluto with a machine that renders Wonder Woman into a being of pure colour.  How can you say no to all of that?

iPhone 4 Wonder Woman Hard Case Cover Skin

All the kids have the iPhones these days, so help them look super cool with this awesome Wonder Woman skin.  It doesn’t do anything useful at all, but it looks nice.

Wonder Woman T-Shirts

There are tons of great t-shirts to choose from at sites like Stylin’ Online and Superhero Stuff, and this is one of my favourites.  The selection for girls is way classier than the boys selection, but there’s lots of cool stuff to choose from for both.  But it’s winter, so if you’re chilly in your t-shirt…

Junk Food Wonder Woman Hoodie

… this’ll keep you warm on those cold winter nights.  Plus it’s Junk Food, which is a pretty quality brand.  It’s all fake vintage, which is fun, and it looks very comfortable.

Wonder Woman Mug

You’re going to want to enjoy some hot beverages over the winter months, and there’s no better way to do so than in a nice, oversized Wonder Woman mug.  You’ll look cool AND get more coffee, tea, or hot chocolate than usual because it’s extra-big!!

Wonder Woman DCnU Figure

Action figures are the best.  This new Wonder Woman figure is part of the Justice League line and is based on Jim Lee’s art instead of Cliff Chiang’s, which is a bit of a bummer.  I love Jim Lee, but a set of Cliff Chiang Wonder Woman figures would be SO COOL.  Regardless, this one is still fun, AND it comes with a sword!!

Wonder Woman Mrs. Potato Head

For younger Wonder Woman fans, and the young at heart, we have this fantastic Mrs. Potato Head.  She’s got the tiara, the bracelet, the lasso, the boots, the outfits… it’s impressively accurate.  If Wonder Woman was turned into a potato, this is EXACTLY what she’d look like.

Original Cliff Chiang Art

Are you looking to impress someone with a lavish gift?  Or are you just straight up rich?  Then original art is the way to go.  Original pages may be pricey, but they’re SO cool and very fun to own.  I should know… I got the above page for my birthday.  Chiang’s original art is gorgeous, and it’s a good investment too.  Plus, classy!!

So there you go!!  So many festive options.  Or you could just make your loved ones something special instead of basically just swapping goods of equal value.  It’s sort of a dumb system we’ve got going with this whole Christmas  thing.  Anyway, happy holidays!!  Go buy and/or get bought some cool stuff.


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