Wonder Woman #18 Cover And Solicit

DC is mixing it up this month and releasing some of their solicits early, catching bloggers who had busy days doing other things (and who thus didn’t bother to check the internet before leaving the house) by surprise.  Oh well… no big deal.  Let’s take a look at Wonder Woman #18!!






On sale MARCH 20 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

• We’ve seen the history Wonder Woman shares with Ares — but what does the God of War have planned for her future?

The cover is cool, particularly the background of Wonder Woman that looks like mosaic tiling.  I thought it was benday dots at first but no, Cliff Chiang is classier and more old school than that.  Mosaics were the original benday dots!!

We’ve also got young Diana and less decrepit Ares, so it seems we’ll be dealing with stuff from the #0 issue.  The two ended the issue on pretty bad terms, so I’m not sure whether we’ll be flashing back to that period or the cover image is more just a reminder of their history and we’ll be dealing with the present primarily.

The solicit itself doesn’t give us much information at all.  Ares apparently has something planned for Wonder Woman’s future.  That’s pretty vague.  There’s not a lot we can speculate with.

Tony Akins is back on art, which could be fun since he draws a great Ares.  He’s an excellent choice for an Ares-centric issue.

Look for Wonder Woman #18 on March 20th!!


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3 Responses to “Wonder Woman #18 Cover And Solicit”

  1. caprice2010 Says:

    Ares is Wonder Woman’s grandfather. I hope his plans is NOT to take or to beg or to fight or to pay for her virginity. Ares is father of Queen Hippolyte. Ares is the father of Hera and Zeus. Queen Hippolyte slept with her own grandfather Zeus. Zeus wanted Wonder Woman’s virginity.

    Please Stop the INCEST!!!!!!

  2. Arun Says:

    Dude, ares is the SON of Hera and Zeus, not father.
    And since this is the New 52, it is possiblr that hippolyta is not ares’ daughter.
    Think before you comment.

  3. Helena Says:

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