Wonder Woman #15 Preview OR Orion!!

Wonder Woman #15 comes out this Wednesday, and USA Today has a preview as well as an interview with Cliff Chiang about Orion’s new design.  Let’s take a look at the preview:

ww15a ww15b ww15c ww15d ww15e ww15f

So Orion is finally here!!  I think he’s going to be fun.  And I love the new design!!  It’s very modern and cool, and it fits the book well too.  Kirby’s original designs are classic and great, but they can look a little plain in today’s books.  This would be even more pronounced in Wonder Woman, where Chiang often uses cool wardrobe choices to communicate things about characters.  This is a much needed update.

As for the story itself, it seems that Orion has a pal here on Earth.  I’m really not sure what’s up with the New Gods in this new DC universe.  Before the relaunch, they’d been relegated to their own universe, but with Darkseid in Justice League and Orion here, maybe things have been re-merged.  That, or travel between universes became a lot easier.  I guess you can do most anything with a boom tube, really.

I’m not sure who Orion’s friend is, and my New Gods knowledge is a little rusty.  There’s a character named Josh Saunders who was blind and became Takion of the Source with the power of cosmic awareness, which sort of sounds like what this guy might have.  He’s not an original Kirby character, but that’s my best guess so far.  Any New Gods fans out there can please correct me in the comments if I’m way off or missed something obvious.

Anyway, Orion is looking for someone while Wonder Woman is fixing to meet her half-brother Milan, who is apparently very temperamental.  Will they fight initially and then become friends?  Most likely.  Wonder Woman’s bounding off to meet him despite Lennox’s warnings, so that’s a recipe for disaster.  But you never know… maybe he’ll be really nice and Wonder Woman won’t look like a dope for running out on her own.

Look for Wonder Woman #15 this Wednesday in comic shops everywhere.  Orion is here, gang!!  I think it’s going to be cool.


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4 Responses to “Wonder Woman #15 Preview OR Orion!!”

  1. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    Big O is here!!!!

    Oh, and I love Lennox!

  2. Titong Says:

    Looks like another interesting character has been thrown in the mix, and not just a god, but the lord of the flies. Love it! 🙂

    “Ha” just made my day, and it’s amusing Lennox’s comment about blood not flowing correctly, considering Diana’s super saiyan ability (does he actually know?).


    • Tim Hanley Says:

      That’s a really good question!! I’m not sure if Lennox does know… it was just WW and the gods when that all went down, right? Hermes had zapped off with Zola, and Lennox was still recovering. WW might have kept her powers to herself. That could be interesting.

  3. 時計 オメガ Says:

    靴 楽天

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