Wonder Woman #15 Review OR Orion And Magic Swords And The Lord of the Flies


I enjoy when things happen in a comic and plots move forward, propelled by exciting incidents, which is something I felt was missing from Wonder Woman the past couple of months.  Things happened, but it didn’t feel like they mattered all that much and the execution thereof was pretty low key.  But this issue I liked!!  Lots of cool new stuff was going on, and the story progressed while new elements were added.  This was a really fun issue.  We’ll get into it, but first…


There’s no greater gift to give yourself this holiday season than a lack of spoilers, so if you haven’t read the comic then GO AWAY!!

Maybe someone will put it in your stocking for you.

Unless you don’t celebrate Christmas, in which case you can get it online or at any decent comic store.

Point being: SPOILERS!!

Now back to the comic.  The overall plot moved forward with Lennox and Wonder Woman tracking down another half sibling so they can try to find Zola’s baby, but the plot also became more complicated and cool with the addition of some new elements.

First up is Orion, who knows Wonder Woman’s half brother Milan and seems to be in town to track down the last of Zeus’ line.  This is cool for several reasons:

1) Orion is awesome.  He’s got a snazzy jacket and helmet and flying thing, he’s quick tempered so there’ll be lots of fights, and he’s bringing together the New Gods with the old Greek gods and that should be very fun.  He’s an interesting addition to the cast.

2) He’s looking for “the last of the line”, presumably Zeus’ line, who he apparently thinks is Wonder Woman but which should be Zola’s baby, since it’s Zeus’ kid.  So that’ll tie him into the main story.

3) I noticed that the energy that powers his flying thing (I have no idea what it’s called), which looks like this:


Is a lot like the energy Wonder Woman displayed when she went all crazy on Mount Olympus in Wonder Woman #12 and again in this issue when she used her new magic swords:


Notice the white energy, the black dots, and the blue colouring.  Maybe the power of the New Gods and the power of the Greek gods are tied together, and perhaps have the same origin.  This was explored in the 1990s, when the Greek gods were the result of some New God power shooting off and landing on Earth.  I want to say this is from the John Byrne era, but there were some connections to the New Gods in the Perez era too.  Point being, we’ve seen the Greek gods as an offshoot of the New Gods before.  But this might be something different.  Maybe they’re separate beings harnessing the same energy, and maybe that energy is the root of the potential conflict here.  Or maybe I’m reading too much into some colouring similarities.

This issue also had some good intrigue, and made Lennox interesting for possibly the first time ever.  It seems that Lennox is that member of the family who’s always trying to get everyone together and knows where everyone’s at, except that he’ll also eliminate his half siblings if they get out of control.  Milan seems wary of him, and it sort of sounds like Lennox’s team-up with Wonder Woman is rooted in more than just brotherly love.  He’s the family guardian, making sure the kids don’t abuse their power.  Might he have a closer tie to Zeus than the others because of this?  Is he working for/with his dad, or maybe for someone else, to keep the others’ powers in check?  We don’t know yet, but I like this new dimension to his character.

Wonder Woman got to be a bad ass for a bit too, which was really fun.  Hephaestus tinkered with her bracelets to give her swords that magically appear when she leaps into battle, so that’s super cool!!  I like them, much as I enjoy the peace loving Wonder Woman too.  Sometimes you just need some swords.  Plus she boldly faced down a New God, though the issue ended with them about to be swarmed by flies.  Regardless, it was a good issue for Wonder Woman.  She wasn’t the least interesting part of the book this time.

In the midst of all this intrigue and bad assery, we had some comedy as well.  Zola and Hera are quickly becoming one of my favourite pairings.  It’s not quite as fun as the old gang of Zola, Hermes, and Strife, but I like the dynamic the two have, and how Zola doesn’t take any of her crap.  Her confrontation with Hera about why she came after her was well done, and their fight over the remote was just comedy gold:


Chiang is great at capturing moments, be they serious or comedic, and Jared K. Fletcher nailed the sound effect with that “bonk”. That panel cracked me up.

Finally, we returned to the ominous First Born, who becomes even more interesting now that we know that Orion is looking for the last of the line.  The juxtaposition alone is enjoyable, plus you have to imagine that there’s some kind of significance to the First Born returning when everyone is all concerned about the last born.  I’m curious to see how that plays out.  Also, a bunch of ice giants show up at the very end, and you can never go wrong with those.  I mean, they’re more closely associated with a whole different pantheon, but still… who doesn’t want to see ice giants in a comic book?

So overall, this was a very good issue of Wonder Woman, and it really shows what the team is capable of.  I felt like Azzarello was spinning his wheels for the past couple of issues, putting pieces into place without much actually happening, but now things seem to be moving along again.  Tony Akins did some of his best work in those last two issues, but Chiang always elevates the book to a whole other level.  I hope he draws Wonder Woman forever, because he captures her so perfectly.  I also hope that at some point he gets to draw a happier Wonder Woman.  Moody, brooding, angry Diana is fun and all, but Chiang’s emotional range is immense and I’d love to see him tackle Wonder Woman happy and having fun for a while.  Anyway, good job team!!  You all made a quality comic this month, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.


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8 Responses to “Wonder Woman #15 Review OR Orion And Magic Swords And The Lord of the Flies”

  1. Titong Says:

    I could be wrong, but Perez did make the connection, in the final chapter of the War of the Gods and an early WW issue where Circe first tried to regress Diana to clay. In his version, the Greek Olympians pre-dated the New Gods who sprang, along with other gods, from the energy released by the Titans-Olympians conflict. (I still somewhat remember because I did love WOTG, and read it not a few times.) 🙂

    Truly enjoyed the issue as well, which is filled with awesome art and amusing moments! Hera-Zola are a hoot—I hope I get to see them in the city next issue; the TV seems to play scenes from the duo’s Days of our Lives; Hera just declaring, in regal fashion, “I’m going out”; Orion getting fed up with Lennox’s dribbles (the New God has my sympathies). And as always, Diana is one hell of a classy badass lady. I’m really getting a good kick about her & her siblings, whenever “brother” & “sister” is mentioned in the possessive sense.

    Also, it seems to me, there’s more dialogue around. I hope it gets more-r & more-r, because I like what I read. 🙂


    • Tim Hanley Says:

      You are very likely right about the Perez stories, and I looked up the Byrne stuff… in WW #102, Metron explains how the Greek gods were basically created by leftover power from the creation of Apokalips and New Genesis that flew through space and hit Earth. Metron considered the Greek gods to be EXTREMELY inferior, powerwise 🙂
      Yeah, it was an enjoyable issue. Everything worked really well together, which was nice because the last couple of issues felt a bit like choppy filler to me.

      • Titong Says:

        Luckily, for Metron, Hera wasn’t around when he said that, or she’ll give him a taste of that remote! 🙂 I also cracked up so hard when I saw that panel, and harder, when both said “she started it”. It’s like they’re the two stooges.

  2. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    Your theory about Lennox is interesting. I really enjoyed the interaction between he and Diana, and perhaps he wants to redeem himself for whatever happened with this sister that Milan mentioned, and looking after Diana is his way of doing so.

    Zola and Hera really cracked me up. Was Hera watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”? This should be a cause of concern for Diana. 🙂

    How awesome were those swords Hephaestus gave her?!? They kinda remind me of the hidden blades from the Assassin’s Creed games.

    Orion, Orion, Orion, Orion, Orion! I’ve always loved this guy and Azz reminded my why. I’m pretty sure that there’s going to be a lot of fun tension between he and Diana.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      That’s a great point about redemption. I read it more ominously, but maybe that other sister was someone he didn’t invest much brotherly time in her and it ended badly, so now he doesn’t want to make the same mistake with WW.
      And yes, those swords were awesome!! I enjoyed that thoroughly.

  3. Karl Says:

    That energy. the blue dots et al….it reminds me of the phrase ‘ Kirby Krackle; which the legendary King Kirby himself used to great effect with his panels of energy.
    I think its a nice homage to him.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Good to have you back, Karl! The energy definitely seems like a Kirby Krackle, I just find it interesting that Wonder Woman’s got the Kirby Krackle going on too. It could just be an homage, but it’s often associated with the New Gods… it might mean something bigger, linking the gods together.

  4. charthreetimes Says:

    The First Born is Vandal Savage, isn’t it?

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