Armored Wonder Woman Redesign

So far, 2013 has been pretty quiet here at Straitened Circumstances on account of this is a one man operation and I have some form of the plague.  I barely have the mental energy to remember when I took my pills last, much less write something at all interesting.  I’m very sorry, but also just so out of it.

However, I think I’ve pulled myself together enough today to post a cool picture.  This has been making the rounds this week, and I saw it first at io9Deviant Artist Rahzzah redesigned Wonder Woman as a short haired, armoured warrior.  Let’s take a look:


Whatever you think of the outfit, this is impressive stuff.  Rahzzah’s got some serious talent.  I like a lot of things in this design.  Short haired Wonder Woman is always fun, I like how the lasso runs up her arm, and really the whole thing is just super bad ass.  The whole outfit would work well in an Elseworlds style comic.  I’d really like to know the story behind this design, what world this Wonder Woman lives in.  It’s definitely a departure from the usual Wonder Woman look, and one that makes me intrigued to know more.  Also, the little star tattoo under her right eye is a nice touch too.

I do miss the tiara, though.  I like the tiara.

Anyway, this is a great piece.  And now I’m exhausted.  Ugh 2013… you’re whooping me so bad.


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4 Responses to “Armored Wonder Woman Redesign”

  1. caprice2010 Says:

    Wonder Woman has gone Saint Joan of Arc….it is not Greek armor at all. Did Wonder Woman become reborn in England or France 1130 AD?

  2. caprice2010 Says:

    Saint Joan of Arc, the short hair the armor….not wonder woman.

  3. eincomicleben Says:

    Reblogged this on Ein Comic Leben und kommentierte:
    Wonder Woman und Hosen ist für viele Fans ja immer ein sehr strittiges Thema – aber diese Variante sieht sehr cool aus. Auch mag ich die Rüsrtung – auch wenn sie hier mal nicht griechisch/römisch angehaucht ist (was mir persönlich immer sehr gut gefällt).

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