The Last Amazon In Earth 2 #8 Is Actually…


First, the bad news.  The Amazons are still mostly dead everywhere.  In the regular DC universe, Hera turned Hippolyta into a statue and the rest of the Amazons into snakes.  Only Wonder Woman is still around.  Over in Earth 2, the hordes of Apokalips wiped out all of the Amazons, INCLUDING Wonder Woman, but it seems that they missed one.  She was revealed in today’s Earth 2 #8 by James Robinson and Yilidray Cinar.  She is…


(Though not really huge spoilers.  It’s Earth 2.  They’ve done this before.  You could have figured this out in 3 seconds with a quick google when they announced that an Amazon was still alive.)


Wonder Woman’s daughter, Fury!!  And that’s all we know so far.  The original Fury was Hippolyta Trevor, the daughter of the Golden Age Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor.  She’s named after the mythological Furies, not because she’s angry.

This Fury looks pretty angry, though.  You probably would too, if the hordes of Apokalips had wiped out your whole family.  We know that she’s Wonder Woman’s daughter, but not who her father is or her given name or any other details.  I suspect that’ll be revealed soon enough.  We also know that she hangs out with Steppenwolf, that big guy on the cover at the top.  Maybe she’s really into Hermann Hesse.

So hooray!!  The population of Amazons in DC comics has doubled.  I mean, sure, we had hundreds of Amazons before the relaunch, just in one universe, but two Amazons across two universes is great too.  They probably just don’t want to overwhelm us with two many Amazons.  It’s thoughtful of them, really.


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8 Responses to “The Last Amazon In Earth 2 #8 Is Actually…”

  1. JanArrah Says:

    Well considering the Amazons are murdering rapists, do we really want a bunch of them around? Just wondering. The OLD DCU had peaceful Amazons who would only go to war for a major event that made no sense.. the New DCU has Amazons that’d probably turn the entire world into baby farms where women use men to get pregnant with more women. I think the new DCU Amazons deserve to be dead.

    • IronBerserk Says:

      LOL, good point. The problem is not that there are missing amazons, it is the amazon back story itself. I miss the old amazons 😦

      However, I will admit that if the amazons were all still alive and well, then maybe they could have developed that hate the amazons had towards men. Use Wonder Woman as the cause and turning point that made the amazons realize what they were doing was wrong, and then use that to make the amazons into the kind of peaceful people they were back in the old days of WW. Giving the amazons a sort of story arc where they grow and change into a better society. Who knows, maybe they could still use that plot point once Hera unfreezes everyone…if she ever does? 😛

      • Tim Hanley Says:

        Yeah, the most frustrating thing about the Amazons in the New 52 is that there are a lot of interesting ways they could’ve done non-perfect Amazons, and they just picked the absolute worst one.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I would actually read a comic where the Amazons turned the world into baby farms. That was a moderately popular idea among super radical feminists in the 1970s.

  2. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    I really hope Steve is still her dad.

  3. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    Never mind. Robinson confirmed that she isn’t Steve’s daughter. 😦

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Oh really? That’s interesting. I’m not really following Earth 2… have there been hints of who it could be?

      • Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

        Not really. Its never been suggested that she even has a father. I don’t read Earth 2 either and I’m about to walk away from DC entirely.

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