Wonder Woman #19 Cover Revealed!!

I got this via Bleeding Cool, who got it via the fine folks at Gotham Spoilers doing that clever URL thing to see the covers early.  Thanks to them, here’s the cover for Wonder Woman #19:


Wonder Woman and Orion face off!!  Literally, actually.  She’s ripping the mask right off his face.  And he does not seem pleased about it.  It’s not my favourite Chiang cover, but I do always love Wonder Womab busting up someone.

Rich at Bleeding Cool thinks that DC might be doing gatefold covers for all of their April titles, and that there’ll be more to each cover when we open the book.  A lot of the other April covers do sort of look like half-images, so he might be onto something there.  I suspect we’ll find out next week sometime.


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6 Responses to “Wonder Woman #19 Cover Revealed!!”

  1. Karl Says:

    I do love the chrome silvery look of her bracelets, belt, tiara, etc…whatever my feelings about her new costume or the direction this books heading in, this at least is a look I want Diana to keep.

  2. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    Looks awesome! Sadly, I doubt that I’ll still be buying this or any other books from DC by the time April gets here.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I’m hearing this from a lot of people… if they’re not gone yet, they’re leaving soon. I think there are still some books worth getting, but I can understand why people are leaving.

  3. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    Yeah there are some good books, but…*sigh*…things are just spinning out of control at DC and the New 52 is becoming unbearable. Tim Drake was never Robin, Billy Batson is an insufferable little sh*t, and Wonder Woman has been reduced to Superman’s arm candy. I just can’t endure it any more, Tim.

  4. Titong Says:

    Not that I’m complaining, but I wish the covers aren’t always metaphors. I’d like to see that actual scene inside, her lifting the Dog of War by the neck and tearing his mask.

    I’d hazard a guess that the Orion wanted something bad for Rosemary’s baby who has been spirited away by Diana in #17, it seems. (And hopefully, somewere in between, the bird god got a reprieve since Hermes appears to know what the New Gods know, about the last line of Zeus).

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