Women At DC Comics Watch – April 2013 Solicits


DC Comics’ solicits for April 2013 came out last week, and as always we give them a look to see how they’re doing with their promise to include more female creators and characters.  The good news is that Gail Simone is back writing Batgirl after that big kerfuffle in December, but the bad news is that a few other female creators are gone now.  Let’s go through the solicits:

  • On the writing side of things, Ann Nocenti is on Katana #3 and Catwoman #19, Gail Simone writes Batgirl #19, and Christy Marx carries on with Sword of Sorcery #7 and starts a new gig with Birds of Prey #19.
  • For art, Nicola Scott is penciling Earth 2 #11 and Sandra Hope is inking Batman #19.
  • Over at Vertigo, Yuko Shimizu carries on her impressive cover run with The Unwritten #48.
  • There are no new series in April, nor any noticeable additions of female characters to existing series.

We were pretty disappointed with the March solicits, where we had 8 female creators on 9 books, but now we’re down to 6 female creators on 8 books in April.  This is not a positive trend.  DC had been doing well for a few months, with numbers hitting double digits several times, but they’ve been in decline lately.

Individually, there’s good news and bad news.  Gail Simone is back, which is great, and Christy Marx is writing another title, which is fun.  Unfortunately, there are rumours that Sword of Sorcery isn’t long for the world, and Sandra Hope’s gig inking Andy Kubert on Batman ends in April as the regular art team will be back in May.

It’s a very quiet month for new books, so the representation of female characters is about the same.  DC does have a number of female-led books, and the relatively new Ame-Comi Girls ongoing series continues with its second issue in April.  And there also might be some surprises because all of the covers in April are fold-out covers that unveil a shocking second part to the cover scene.  There could be a plethora of female characters on the backside of the covers we’ve got.  I wouldn’t bet on it, but you never know.

Overall, April’s not looking great.  DC’s got only 3 female writers, 1 penciller, 1 inker, and 1 cover artist.  That’s not at lot at all.  We’ve seen sporadic appearances of other female creators over the past few months like Emanuela Lupacchino, Fiona Staples, and Jill Thompson, but they’re nowhere to be found in April.  Hopefully May is better, because it’s getting to the point where it can’t be much worse.  We’re nearing our record low here.


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