Women At Marvel Comics Watch – April 2013 Solicits


Earlier this week we saw that April isn’t looking great for DC in terms of female creators, but things are even worse at Marvel.  They’ve put up some big numbers in the past few months, but dropped steeply in March.  The numbers are even lower now, and it’s starting to look like a bit of a problem.  Anyone can have a bad month, but two in a row with a decline going back even further isn’t good at all.  Let’s look at the solicits:

  • Kathryn Immonen writes Journey Into Mystery #651, Kelly Sue DeConnick continues her stellar run with Captain Marvel #12, Marjorie Liu writes Astonishing X-Men #61, and Robin Furth co-writes The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – Evil Ground #1.
  • It doesn’t say so in the solicit, which is oddly blank, but from the signature on the cover it seems that Sara Pichelli is on art duties for Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #22.
  • And that is all.
  • However, in character news, Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel’s all-female book X-Men premieres in April!!  It looks great, and stars six ladies and no dudes.  And they didn’t even call it X-Women, which is nice to see.  It’s a good month for female characters at least.  Plus, Terry Dodson is doing a variant cover, and with Terry usually comes Rachel Dodson, though she’s not listed in the solicits.

So last month Marvel had 6 different women on 7 different books, and in April that’s set to fall to 5 women on 5 different books.  For some reason, Kelly Sue DeConnick isn’t listed as writing Avengers Assemble in April, though I don’t know if that’s permanent or just a fill-in to tie into the “Age of Ultron” event.  And you’ll notice that there is NO Disney book in April either, and they usually featured a few Italian ladies.

But we’ve got X-Men!!  That’s exciting.  I mean, there are more women in the new X-Men team than there are making comics in Marvel’s solicits, which is a downer.  More fictional women in ONE book than there are real women in ALL of the solicits is a bad scene.  Nonetheless, that’s no knock on X-Men.  It looks like an awesome book, and everything Brian Wood’s said about it so far sounds fun and he seems to have a great approach to writing female characters.

X-Men is a big plus for April, but the paltry number of female creators is killing my buzz.  Marvel had been so good in that department, but lately it’s really dropped off.  They CAN do very well, and for whatever reason they’re just not right now.  We know they’ve got lots of women in their rolodex, which makes it extra frustrating not to see them in the solicits.


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