Women In Comics Statistics: DC Comics, November 2012, Week By Week

DC decided to keep on not sucking in November, building on their slightly improved numbers from last month and continuing to climb out of their rut.  In fact, I would call this a pretty good month for them.  DC didn’t set any records, but they were fairly solid across the board.  Let’s take a look at the overall numbers:


These are solid numbers in several ways.  First, 3 of the 4 weeks were in double digits, and the one that wasn’t was only 0.1% off.  Second, the high was above 14%, which is the best week DC’s had in ages.  And third, there was no bad week to bring down the good ones.  November went quite well for DC.  I really hope it continues.  These articles are much more fun to write when they’re not so depressing.  And now, the mega-chart:


Let’s start, as always, with the zero counter.  Last month, adjusted for the five weeks, DC had 6.4 zeroes.  This month there are only 4!!  That might be the best week we’ve seen yet from the zero counter!!  It’s great to see female creators getting work across the board.

Cover artists were consistent but low.  Three weeks in the 2% range isn’t much at all, and a high of 6.1% doesn’t do a lot to pull up the average.  As nice as it is to have no zeroes in the category, the low numbers show that it doesn’t mean things are automatically good.

Writers, however, had a great November.  There were female writers every week, double digits in one week and close to it in another, and in terms of raw numbers there were 2 female writers in 3 of the 4 weeks.  And what’s even better is that a lot of these writers will be back next month too.  Of the 7 credits, at least 5 are regular gigs.

Artists didn’t do a whole lot, but we’ve definitely had far worse months than this.  There was some steady, albeit low, representation, and nothing really lit up the charts.  Still, the bar is pretty low here.  This is okay, bordering on good, for DC.

Colourists had one huge week and then three moderately sub-par weeks, but the huge week was so huge that it’ll really pull up the average a lot.  As for letterers, while there was a zero there were also three pretty great weeks, with double digits at one point and another two weeks in the ballpark.  That’s quite good.

Editors were just all over the place.  A week over 40% is impressive, but two weeks at 10% or under is rather paltry.  The high week might be high enough to bolster the overall average, though.  As for assistant editors, three weeks over 40% is pretty epic, and 25% is still pretty decent for a low week.  Assistant editors had a great November.

Overall, things went well for DC.  Nothing really sucked, relative to their usual totals, and there were some decent numbers here and there.  That’s two months in a row with clear improvements, so hopefully they keep it up in December!!


  • The busiest book of the month was Aquaman #15 with 15 credited creators, 14 men and 1 women and probably a lot of fish.
  • The book with the highest percentage of female creators was Green Lantern: The Animated Series #8 at 2 of 5, followed closely by Catwoman #15 at 3 of 8.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

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