CW’s Amazon Not Picked Up, WB’s Justice League Movie On Hold OR This Is Why We Don’t Get Our Hopes Up


If you were looking forward to seeing a live action Wonder Woman any time soon, either on the small screen in the CW’s Amazon TV show or on the big screen in a Justice League movie, this just isn’t your day.  We’ve got some bad news on both fronts.

First, the CW has announced its list of new pilots for Fall 2013, and Amazon isn’t one of them.  Written by Allan Heinberg and focusing on the early days of Wonder Woman, the project had gotten a lot of press but didn’t make the pilot list.  This isn’t even the list of shows that are going to get picked up.  These are the shows that MIGHT get picked up if the pilots go over well with network brass.  It’s a preliminary step, and Amazon doesn’t even have that.

However, it looks like the plan is to roll the show over to next year, for Fall 2014 or maybe a bit earlier if they’re particularly excited about the project as it continues to develop.  Arrow is doing really well for the CW, and they seem committed to expanding that brand, so they’re going to give the show more time.  The project isn’t cancelled so much as postponed, though as always with live action Wonder Woman news I caution you not to get your hopes up too high.


If that wasn’t enough, Variety reports that the Justice League movie, co-starring Wonder Woman and written by the dude who wrote the widely panned Gangster Squad, is on hold until Warner Bros. gets a look at how well Man of Steel does at the box office.  So I suppose that means there’s a possibility that if the movie underperforms, there might not even be a Justice League movie.  At the very least, it will probably be delayed.  It’s slated for some time in 2015, but if they’re waiting another six months for Man of Steel to come out then the schedule might get pushed back.

So yeah, double bummer on the live action Wonder Woman front.  And, just to add insult to injury, Young Justice was cancelled yesterday so if you were digging the animated Wonder Girl you’re hosed there too.  They can’t not make some sort of live action Wonder Woman forever, right?  It’s been almost forty years since Lynda Carter.  It’s got to happen at some point!!  Though this is the sort of thinking that leads to disappointment.  Hopes, stay down!!


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3 Responses to “CW’s Amazon Not Picked Up, WB’s Justice League Movie On Hold OR This Is Why We Don’t Get Our Hopes Up”

  1. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    Wow. I just…*sigh*

    It just seems like there really ain’t much to hope for as a WW fan these days. She’s currently being thrown under the bus in the comics and it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting any live action WW any time soon if ever.

    WB doesn’t seem to have a lot of confidence in MOS, and the more I learn about this film, I can understand why they may not be particularly confident in it. Apparently Chris Nolan wasn’t heavily involved in the creative process, so its mostly a David S. Goyer/Zack Snyder film. These two gentleman have been stinking it up in recent years and don’t really inspire a lot of confidence. If they’re going to do a JL movie and do it RIGHT, they need to take their time with it and make sure all the right pieces are in place just like Marvel did with the Avengers.

    Greg Rucka was dead right when he said that WB/DC are desperately playing catch-up to Disney/Marvel, and its led to a lot of bad decision making.

  2. Karl Says:

    Ive honestly all but just about given up now on there EVER being a WW film or tv series./
    there have been SO many iterations of one – everything from Joss Whedon [thats a rumour thats as old as the hills] to Lucy Lawless to who knows who or what – its probab;y never gonna happen, sadly.
    we have too much at stake unfortunately as WW fans to accept any true version – a World War 2 version or modern day, a Smallville high-school version or a straight copying of the comics. Should it be played straight drama or lighthearted and campy? Noit to mention the fundamental problem of who to cast in the role – for all these actresses claiming to love Diana, they sure are painfully shy to try on wearing the classic WW costume, maybe its considered too sexy and extreme these days. Maybe they fear it will compromise their acting integrity. Good job the lovely Miss Carter didnt raise any objections all those years ago!
    Each time I read of a propsed new WW film or tv show I groan inwardly, as it never gets off the ground.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Yeah, all of the proposed and then doomed WW projects over the years would be a massive list. We’ve heard so many different takes on the character bounced around, and it’s just gone nowhere. I used to get really excited for Wonder Woman news, but now I don’t pay attention until something is actually filming. And even then, what do we get but David E. Kelly’s awful pilot! Something will happen someday, I’m sure, but I’m not overly optimistic that it will be soon.

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