It’s Ladies Night At My Local Comic Shop, Strange Adventures, On February 23 PLUS Wonder Woman Is On The Poster


My local comic shop is pretty much the best comic shop in the world (seriously… it’s won awards and everything) and every so often they do a Ladies Night after hours.  The next one is February 23, from 6-8 pm.  A lot of people don’t think that comic book shops are a particularly welcoming place for women on account of all the dudes, and thus a lot of ladies just don’t bother to go check them out.  Ladies Night, however, is for women only, with female employees running the shop, so that interested gals can see that comic shops aren’t scary or weird (well, not scary anyway…) and sort of ease into the comic book scene.  Here in Halifax, where tons of ladies are involved in the making, selling, and buying of comics, it’s also got a cool celebratory feel, like a fun get together for all the gals that support comics here.  Plus it’s got giveaways, gift bags, and sweet deals!!

Aside from being a great way to get women into comics, Ladies Night at Strange Adventures is fun for two other cool reasons.  First, it’s got a great poster by local artist Kate Leth, who is super internet famous and has had comic strips in tons of cool books.  The poster includes Wonder Woman, which is awesome, and is patterned on a Spice Girls cover, which is amusing and fun.  Wonder Woman is Ginger Spice, by the way.

Second, last year’s Ladies Night created quite a hullabaloo here on this very site.  When I reviewed the absolutely awful TV show Comic Book Men, I chose to talk about how great my LCS was instead of how terrible their store seemed to be, and I mentioned Ladies Night in passing.  A commenter was extremely offended at the idea of Ladies Night and considered it a civil rights issue because it was a women-only event where they got access to sales and prizes that men didn’t.  They said that they’d contacted the Canadian Civil Liberties Association to try and shut it down.  We had a “dialogue” on the topic for a while, which then hilariously ended up getting picked up on Twitter and Tumblr and rebroadcast by various comic pros and soon Ladies Night was getting TONS of free publicity and attention just because of this one loon taking issue with it.  It all turned out to be a bunch of talk, too.  For example, they threatened to send a man to try to get in and to film him being refused so as to get some media attention, but that never happened.  And Ladies Night went off great!!  It was an amusing scene, and worked out well for all of the sane people involved.

So if you’re a lady in the Halifax area, come by Strange Adventures at 5262 Sackville Street on Saturday, February 23, from 6-8pm.  It’s going to be a fantastic event, as always.


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4 Responses to “It’s Ladies Night At My Local Comic Shop, Strange Adventures, On February 23 PLUS Wonder Woman Is On The Poster”

  1. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    You’re not the first WW expert I’ve come across from Halifax. Is their a concentration of WW experts in that area? 🙂

  2. Wendy Whipple Says:

    *sigh* I wish we had something like that at one of my LCS… the closest Ladies Night I’m aware of is in Chicago, which is a bit of a haul for me, especially on a week night. I wonder if they’ve had any issues there with men crying “foul” at their exclusion…

    I haven’t watched Comic Book Men. A few of the clips I’ve seen have really turned me off Kevin Smith… didn’t realize he was as chauvinistic as his comments have suggested on and off screen.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      That’s a bummer the closest Ladies Night is so far away. I find the people who cry foul at this sort of thing are the kind of people who don’t actually do much about it in real life, so it’s not so bad.
      As for Comic Book Men, you’re not missing anything there 🙂

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