Wonder Woman #17 Preview

Wonder Woman #17 is out this Wednesday, and DC’s put up a preview of the book via Wired, and specifically through their “Geek Mom” page.  That’s a fun choice!  Corrina Lawson is super great, and it’s nice to see that DC’s been reaching out to some female-friendly sites lately.  This is WAY better than when Wonder Woman had previews at Maxim.  Let’s take a look:

ww17a ww17b ww17c ww17d ww17e ww17f

First off, this isn’t the solicited cover.  This was scheduled as the cover for Wonder Woman #18, but over at DC’s solicits page the covers have been switched.  The original Wonder Woman #17 cover, with Wonder Woman running through fiery woods holding a baby, should be on next month’s issue.

Greek gods at a bar has been the most entertaining thing this comic’s done in months, and I’d be glad to see more of that.  However, with the boom tube at the end of the preview, it seems like the frivolity is about to end.  I love a lot of little moments in this preview, like Wonder Woman rehearsing what to say to Zola and imagining how she and Hera would respond, or when Zola snags that big knife.  I enjoy that in a room full of gods, Zola is brave enough to try to fight her way out with a knife if she has to.

Wonder Woman and Lennox bickering isn’t my cup of tea, but the petty bickering of the gods is right up my alley.  I’m expecting quite the confrontation when Wonder Woman sees Ares, on account of their strained relationship.  I suppose it might get lost in the chaos of there being so many gods in one spot, but given the switched out covers I assume they’re going to address their odd relationship in some capacity.

Look for Wonder Woman #17 at comic stores and available digitally this Wednesday!!


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4 Responses to “Wonder Woman #17 Preview”

  1. caprice2010 Says:

    Brian Azzarello-I happy and over joyed that your recognize Ares is the Brother of the goddess of Strife. I wish you would recognize Ares is the father of Queen Hippolyta the queen of Amazons. All Greeks know this from their own Greek Literature. Ares is the son of Zeus. Zeus is the grandfather of Queen Hippolyta make love to her and produce Diana-Wonder Woman. This is incest. Incest will not be part of any tv series or movie in the theater or in the Justice League Movie. No matter what.

  2. Titong Says:

    They’re siblings, so bickering is a given, & older brother does have a point. 🙂

    The rehearsal really had me laughing, so did the absurdity of Zola taking the knife. The wrangling of the gods are always juicy to me, throw in Orion in the mix & I’d bet the results, Strife in particular, would be delicious.

    If it isn’t Ares’ game, whose? Zeus?

    • caprice2010 Says:

      Where is Wonder Woman? Who was for peace, harmony, justice, love thy neighbor? Who started in 1940s’ to destroy hate, violence with love? Gone Forever!!! Might as well call the series the Gods, Goddesses who commit incest with each other. They do not see what is wrong with incest. Incest is a crime all over the world even back then in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. The father or grandfather was caught with his daughter or grand-daughter their member is cut off and then they are buried alive to Hades god of the underworld and death.

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