Women at Marvel Comics Watch – May 2013 Solicits


Well, things are slightly better than last month in terms of female creators, but last month was terrible so things remain nowhere near good.  As for female characters, Marvel NOW! seems to have cooled down for now, though there is a new female-centric crossover starting in May.  Let’s go through the solicits:

  • Kathryn Immonen writes Journey Into Mystery #652, Marjorie Liu is on Astonishing X-Men #62, Robin Furth co-writes Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – Evil Ground #2, and Kelly Sue DeConnick pens the one-shot Avengers: The Enemy Within #1.
  • There are a couple of cover gigs, with Amanda Conner on X-Men #2 and Stephanie Hans on Fearless Defenders #4.
  • And that is all for ladies making comics.
  • There aren’t any new Marvel NOW! books, but Kick-Ass #3 is set to start in May, so Hit-Girl will be in that, if that’s your sort of thing.
  • While there’s no Kelly Sue DeConnick-written Captain Marvel or Avengers Assemble in May, her one-shot leads into a crossover between those series, so she’ll be back on both in June.

In May, there are going to be 6 different female creators on 6 different books, which is a step up from the 5 on 5 we had in April.  However, this is the smallest increase possible, and it’s WAY lower than Marvel was just a few months ago.  I’m not entirely sure what’s up with this.  The lack of Disney books lately has removed the usual 3-4 Italian female artists that tended to work on those, but ladies used to pop up in other places too.

There are also NO female artists scheduled for the interior of a Marvel comic in May.  There are two on covers, which is fun, and both are on female-led books, which you can read as “Ladies drawing ladies! Hooray” or “Ladies drawing ONLY ladies?  Really?”  I vacillate between the two, in terms of writing as well.  The Big Two both have most of their female creators working on female-centric books, and it’s starting to feel like the publishers are kind of limiting their female creators.  On the other hand, by and large these are some great books.  It’s just a little odd.  Ladies can write and draw men too.

On the bright side, a Captain Marvel/Avengers Assemble crossover will be fun!!  And if I recall correctly, it’s only five issues including the one-shot so if you’re getting one book and not the other then splurging on the whole crossover won’t break the bank.  Plus, Hit-Girl is back if you enjoy Mark Millar making children say and do terrible, terrible things.

Overall, though, Marvel isn’t doing so great with female creators.  The new female team books announced recently have been fantastic, and I’m glad that things are improving on the character side of things despite nothing new in May.  Nonetheless, the lack of female creators is disheartening.  Over at DC, Ann Nocenti is writing almost as many comics in May as all of Marvel’s female writers combined!!  Marvel was doing well when we started looking at the solicits a few months back, but they’ve really nosedived since then.


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