Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, December 2012, Week By Week

Marvel finished off the year with a very strong month, posting some great overall numbers.  Things were up and down by category, but there were some surprisingly good numbers in the mix.  Here are Marvel’s overall totals for December 2012:


Just like with DC, we’re going to ignore the fourth week this month.  Marvel put out only two books, so the percentages are not at all statistically significant.  Both books featured female creators and in good numbers, which is great, but the small sample size makes percentages fairly meaningless when compared to the other weeks.  The first three weeks of December were great for Marvel, with all of their totals in double digits and an impressive high of 18.2%.  These are great totals.  And the mega-chart had some decent numbers too:


Last month, Marvel had 10 zeroes, and this month they’re up to 11.  However, we need to remember that the fourth week is wonky.  Given where the zeroes are located, if we’d had a usual slate of books in the last week of December then Marvel would probably only have 9 or 10 zeroes.  Of course, this still isn’t good, nor is it much of an improvement from November.  So it’s maybe not quite as bad as it looks, but it’s still bad.

Cover artists had an okay December, even hitting double digits in one week.  The other two relevant weeks weren’t so hot, but at least there was a strong week to counteract the bad a bit.

Writers did great, though!!  Hitting 10% one week and almost again in another is fantastic.  There were 6 female writers in the 3 statistically relevant weeks, and 7 overall.  That 25% is misleading as it accounts for only one female writer, but it still means representation every week.  It was a fantastic month for female writers at Marvel.

AND things didn’t suck quite as bad as they usually do for female artists.  Four zeroes isn’t so great, but pencillers hitting 9% one week is a big number compared to what we’re used to seeing.  Same with 6% for inkers.  And while the fourth week numbers are skewed, percentagewise, there was nonetheless some art made by a lady in a Marvel comic that week.  There are still ludicrously few women drawing comics at Marvel, but December was slightly less ludicrous than usual at least.

Colourists started out poorly and then improved as the month went on.  Yet again, disregard that fourth week, but two statistically significant weeks above 20% is a good scene.  As for letterers, there remain none at all.  And so we turn to our monthly vigil:


761 DAYS

Editors had a pretty solid month.  A week in the teens isn’t so good, but the other two weeks had solid numbers.  The 45% in particular is quite a good number for editors at Marvel.  Assistant editors just absolutely KILLED it.  They were over 70% one week, at 50% another, and had a low of 37%.  These are huge numbers.  December might be the first month in the two years since this project started that the overall total of a female category had a majority.  That would be very cool.

Basically, nothing sucked for Marvel in December.  The things that are usually bad weren’t quite as bad, and the things that are usually good were extra good.  This month’s stats also provide us with a fun lesson.  In the first week, assistant editors were at 71.4%, which is just enormous.  Yet the overall total for the week was only 10.7%, the lowest all month, because none of the other categories had much going on.  However, in the second week assistant editors fell to 50%, but the overall total rose to a whopping 18.2% because there was decent representation across the board.  One category can’t carry the load.  We get the best numbers when there are women working everywhere.  Several smaller upticks in the second week were FAR more impactful than one huge number in the first week.  The lesson is: It doesn’t take much to have a great percentage of female creators.  Just some decent representation across the board.


  • The busiest book of the month was the special, over-sized Amazing Spider-Man #700 with 22 credited creators, 3 of them women.
  • The book with the highest percentage of female creators was Monsters, Inc. #1 at a massive 9 of 12.  There’s an Italian art team on the book that’s mostly ladies, plus a few female editors.  As for regular books, Captain Marvel #8 was tops at 3 of 6.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

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