Women At DC Comics Watch – June 2013 Solicits


After a very strong May, June is looking a little less impressive for female creators at DC Comics, but the numbers are still pretty decent overall.  Plus we’ve got a female character starring in a brand new series, which is always fun.  Let’s see what June has in store for us:

  • Ann Nocenti is writing Katana #5 and Catwoman #21, Gail Simone writes Batgirl #21 and The Movement #2, and Christy Marx pens Birds of Prey #21.
  • There are no female interior artists on mainline DC books this month, but Rachel Dodson is inking the cover for Catwoman #21, Emanuela Lupacchino is drawing the cover for World’s Finest #13, and Amanda Conner is on cover art for The Movement #2 and The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires #3.
  • Outside of the New 52, Joelle Jones is drawing a story for the digital first Adventures of Superman #2.
  • Over at Vertigo, Yuko Shimizu draws the cover for an anniversary issue with The Unwritten #50.
  • There are a bunch of new books in June, NONE of them with a female creator.  Superman Unchained, Batman/Superman, Larfleeze, Trinity of Sin: Pandora, and Astro City are all done by all-male teams.
  • Also, the entire Green Lantern line-up, four books in total, has brand new creative teams, and there are no ladies there either.
  • However, we do have a female character in a lead role.  The very mysterious Pandora, she of the infamous box and all of those first issue appearances back in September 2011, stars in Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1.

We’ve got 8 different female creators on 9 different books in June.  It’s less than May’s 9 women on 12 books, but it’s still a good total.  Five books with regular female writing gigs is great to see, while interior art is almost non-existent apart from Joelle Jones in a digital first book.  Nicola Scott isn’t scheduled for Earth 2 this month, but I assume she’ll be back soon.  She draws 3 out of 4 issues on average, I’d estimate, so June is probably an off month.

A new wave of books with no female creators is disheartening, though, especially combined with all of the new Green Lantern teams too.  Apart from the occasional colourist or assistant editors, the Green Lantern titles have been kryptonite for female creators for years now.  I was hoping for at least something to break up the all-dude cosmic monopoly, but not so much.

The good news is that Pandora has her own book, plus it sounds like Lois is going to play a significant role in Superman Unchained as well.  June looks to be a decent month for fictional ladies in new roles at least.

Overall, June should be decent for women at DC, but there were some definite missed opportunities.  Joelle Jones drawing Superman should be pretty awesome though!


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