Women At Marvel Comics Watch – June 2013 Solicits


It seems that Marvel noticed that DC had Amanda Conner doing covers for two of their new books in May, so not to be outdone Marvel went and hired her to do FIVE covers for them in June.  It is most definitely Amanda Conner month at Marvel, though amusingly they only spelled her name right in two of her five solicits.  Let’s see what else is scheduled for Marvel in June, and hopefully spell all of the names correctly:

  • For female writers, Kathryn Immonen is on Journey Into Mystery #653, Marjorie Liu writes Astonishing X-Men #63, and Kelly Sue DeConnick pens “The Enemy Within” crossover in Captain Marvel #13 and Avengers Assemble #16.
  • We’ve got female interior artists this month!  And more than one!  Sara Pichelli is drawing Guardians of the Galaxy #4, while we’ve got a new addition to the Marvel ranks with Kate Brown on Young Avengers #6.
  • For covers, Sara Pichelli is on covers for Guardians of the Galaxy #4 too, along with Age of Ultron #10 A.I., though I don’t know that that is.  And the aforementioned Amanda Conner is covering X-Men #2, doing a normal variant for Fearless Defenders #2, a special Wolverine variant for Deadpool #11, and variants for both parts of “The Enemy Within” crossover with Captain Marvel #13 and Avengers Assemble #16.
  • Yet again, there are no new books in June, so there’s not much new for female characters.  Though Cloak and Dagger are in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #24, so there’s Ultimate Dagger at least.  That’s something.

In June, there will be 6 different women on 10 different books, a good step up from May’s 6 women on 6 books.  The number of female creators may be the same, but they’re working on a lot more titles at least.  As always with Marvel, though, there aren’t a ton of permanent gigs for women.  DeConnick, Immonen, and Liu will be back next month writing, and I assume Pichelli will be on Guardians for a few issues, but Brown is a fill-in artist and I sincerely doubt we’ll see another five Amanda Conner covers in July.  Though that would be awesome.  This lack of permanent gigs isn’t great for Marvel’s consistency, as we’ve been seeing in recent months.

As for new female characters, Ultimate Dagger is cool.  Cloak and Dagger seems to have a small but enthusiastic following, so that’s exciting news for that  fanbase.  It looks like Marvel is kicking back in the late spring to see how well the Marvel NOW! series can sustain themselves, and are relying on Age of Ultron for an extra sales bump.  I expect we’ll be seeing some new things in July, with Age of Ultron finished in June, and hopefully some new female creators too.

All together, Marvel’s set to have the best month for female creators that we’ve seen from them in a little while, though the gains are likely temporary and there’s not a lot going on for female characters.  I’m very curious to see what July will bring.  May and June were very quiet, so something’s got to be coming.


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3 Responses to “Women At Marvel Comics Watch – June 2013 Solicits”

  1. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    Marvel needs to bring Emanuela Lupacchino back and put her on the interiors of one of their books. She draws some absolutely gorgeous women.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I totally agree. Someone needs to get her on interior art soon. She’s got a fantastic superhero style, classic yet modern. I’ve been loving her covers at DC recently.

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