Wonder Woman And The DC Gals Play Dungeons & Dragons


This image has been making the rounds lately, and I liked it so much I thought I’d post it here too.  It’s drawn by artist Kyle Latino, who elaborated on the piece:

In my mind, this is a game that Diana has been planning for a while, but it’s everyone else’s first time out. She’s decided to run an introductory mission wherein they have to go through a dungeon and fight a small dragon. Hawkgirl is a Barbarian, but like many barbarian players, just gets bored waiting to roll attack every turn. She’s there because Diana wouldn’t take no for an answer.

I like the idea of Wonder Woman as a Dungeons & Dragons fan… I can see how that would be right up her alley.  Her life is basically just one magical quest after another.  And you know she’s going to come up with some epic, crafty quests as Dungeon Master.

I also enjoy that Black Canary looks good to go, ready to bust up whatever they encounter, while it seems that Zatanna might be taking issue with something in the book, probably magic related.  And Batgirl is deep in thought, learning everything she can about her character.  The piece captures each character’s personality well.

You can check out Kyle Latino at DeviantArt, or read his weekly webcomic, Sinktown Slink.


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