Wonder Woman #22 Cover And Solicit OR We’re Going To New Genesis!

All of the DC solicits came out on Friday except for the “Justice League” line of books, but it looks like the wait was worth it. Wonder Woman is going to New Genesis!!


Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG
On sale JULY 17 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Welcome to New Genesis! Wonder Woman makes her first visit to Orion’s homeworld and comes face to face with the Highfather…and sees the strange hold he has over his uncontrollable son!

Well now I’m excited.  I like the new Old Gods that Azzarello and Chiang have created, but seeing them tackle more of the New Gods should be really cool.  Chiang did a great job redesigning Orion, and from this cover it seems that Highfather’s gotten a new look too.

Highfather’s got a very militaristic appearance, and the cover reminds me of some sort of Soviet propaganda poster.  I’m no expert on the New Gods, but from what I’ve seen of Highfather he’s a kind of laid back, nicer counterpart to Darkseid’s iron fisted cruelty, and New Genesis is a sort of hippie utopia, the opposite of Apokalips’ hellscape.  This cover really has a militaristic vibe for me, though.  It’s not what I’d expect from Highfather or New Genesis.  Colour me intrigued!

Wonder Woman #22 is out on July 17, and it looks like a big change for the series!  I’m excited to see Wonder Woman in a new setting, plus how can you not by a comic with a great cover like that?


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4 Responses to “Wonder Woman #22 Cover And Solicit OR We’re Going To New Genesis!”

  1. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    I think the last time we saw Highfather was in issue #13? And yes, he does have a rather benign disposition, but he doesn’t take kindly to those who threaten the people he cares about.

    It seems like most of the New Gods are popping up on Earth 2, and James Robinson stated that WW was the first superhero on Earth 2.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I had totally forgotten about that!! There was that two page bit at the end of Wonder Woman #14 with Highfather and Orion, and Highfather is mostly in shadows the whole time so we don’t get a good look at him. I’d forgotten that completely. Good catch.

      And yeah, they seem to be going to town with the New Gods on Earth 2. Did I see a cover with Mr. Miracle and Big Barda the other other day? They might be building to some sort of event/crossover with Wonder Woman down the line.

  2. Frobin Jojo Says:

    Can anybody explain HOW these new gods reach Earth? If they are still related to Darkseid and their origin isn’t totally different … then they New Genesis is where Darkseid is … same location in this universe, same dimension, same parallel universe, same whatever …

    Since the Justice League managed to fight back Darkseid by disabling to open boom tubes on Earth (Cyborg merged with the Motherbox technology and controls boom tubes on Earth … at least he can close them … and he and the Justice League would be alerted if a boom tubes opens) … HOW do these new gods come to Earth so easily?

    It’s just totally illogical!

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Darkseid is on Apokalips, so maybe New Genesis has a slightly different boom tube frequency or something so Cyborg doesn’t pick it up. From the comics, it seems that Orion’s been popping by Earth fairly regularly, so maybe New Genesis boom tubes are under the radar. That, or it’s an editorial screw up 🙂

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