Women At DC Comics Watch – July 2013 Solicits


DC Comics’ solicits for July 2013 have been posted so here we are yet again, taking a close look at what’s up for female creators and characters.  Way back at Comic Con 2011, DC promised more of both, and so we’re holding them to it by checking out the solicits every month.  And I must say, July 2013 looks pretty good!!  Let’s go through them:

  • On the writing side for the New 52 books, Ann Nocenti is on Katana #6 and Catwoman #22, Gail Simone writes Batgirl #22 and The Movement #3, Christy Marx pens Birds of Prey #22, and Nicole Dubuc is writing a back-up story for the Flash Annual #2.
  • I usually just stick to what the solicits say, but yesterday Scott Snyder tweeted that the Batman Annual #2 will be co-written by Marguerite Bennett, so consider that an unofficial addition to the list.
  • On the art side of the New 52, Nicola Scott pencils Earth 2 #14, Ricken does the cover for Birds of Prey #22, Rachel Dodson inks the cover for Catwoman #22, and Amanda Conner is on covers for The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires #3 and The Movement #3.
  • Outside of the New 52, our old pal Karen Traviss is writing Batman: Arkham Unhinged #16, Annie Wu introduces a new Batgirl on the cover and interior art of Batman Beyond Unlimited #18, and Cat Staggs teams up Lois Lane and a long-lost Lana Lang on the cover and interior art of Smallville Season 11 Special #2.
  • Finally, over at Vertigo, as always, Yuko Shimizu is on cover duty for The Unwritten #51.
  • In terms of female characters, there are no new books in July so we’ve got the usual ladies in their usual books.  However, Trinity War begins and the three Justice League books have interlocking covers that show the main players in the crossover.  These include female characters like Element Woman, Katana, Catwoman, Dr. Light, Wonder Woman, Madame Xanadu, Stargirl, Pandora, the Atom, and Zatanna.  All told, female characters account for 10 of the 27 characters on the interlocking covers.

In the June solicits, DC had 8 different female creators on 9 different books, and in July that jumps to a very impressive 12 different women on 12 different books.  And that’s just based on solicits.  With the addition of Marguerite Bennett on Batman Annual #2 it’s unofficially 13 women on 13 books!  These are some fantastic numbers.

As always, though, it’s important to contextualize.  Compared to past totals for female creators at DC, the totals for July are really quite good.  Compared to the hundreds of men also solicited in July, however, 12 female creators seems a little paltry.  But while things may not yet be good, things are definitely slightly better at least.

And more widespread!  DC is usually decent with female writers and cover artists, but in July there are three female artists INSIDE the books, which is good to see.  Usually it’s just Nicola Scott all by herself or, when she has an issue off, no ladies at all.  So three is very good to see.  Cat Staggs has been getting work off and on at DC for a little while now, and Annie Wu is an exciting new up and comer that DC was smart to bring in.

As for female characters, 10 out of 27 characters in the Trinity War cover is about 37%, which is a minority but nonetheless pretty good for a superhero comic.  The real world may be half women, but Gotham and Metropolis and the like rarely are so 37% is a decent amount.  It could be better, but we’ve seen so many events where it’s a lot worse.

All in all, July looks pretty good for women at DC, relatively speaking.  I know that progress is slow, but the more it comes the more it will build.  We’ve got three new female faces on the creative side of things, and even in Trinity War we’ve got several female characters where usually there’d be men, like the new female Atom or Element Woman.  Things are changing bit by bit.  We just need to keep the momentum going.


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