Wonder Woman Sales: #18 Down 6 Spots, Falls Only 1.8%


March saw some slight losses for Wonder Woman, but the book did fairly well comparatively and there are some reasons to be optimistic.  Or rather, optimistic in the short term.  Things could go all to hell soon enough, but hopefully they won’t.  In March 2013, Wonder Woman #18 was in 60th place on the charts with 38,406 issues sold, a drop of 1.8% from last month.  Here are the numbers for the issue, and the five issues previous:


NOTE: The average sales total is based on all of the available sales data, which currently comprises every issue of the series since September 1996, for 191 issues in total.  The average rank isn’t given because rank is dependent on what other books came out that month, and that’s such a variable that an average really wouldn’t mean anything.

Wonder Woman falling down to 60th place isn’t great to see, but as is usually the case there were a bunch of new books ahead of her.  New Guardians of the Galaxy and Wolverine series debuted, Age of Ultron shipped THREE issues, and Superman double-shipped in March.  Wonder Woman’s not falling further than any other book outside of the top of the charts.

Among DC Comics titles, Wonder Woman slid down one spot to 22nd place, but again Superman double-shipped.  That’s should’ve knocked Wonder Woman down two spots, but Red Hood and the Outlaws, which had been ahead of Wonder Woman in February, fell below Wonder Woman in March now that it’s not benefitting from a crossover.  So that’s some good stability for Wonder Woman.

In fact, among DC’s Top 25 comics, Wonder Woman had the 7th best month, and everything ahead of her benefitted from crossovers, events, or big promotions.  A certain significant death boosted a couple of books, Grant Morrison’s last issue of Action Comics got a bump in sales, and the crossover in the Green Lantern books continues to have strong sales.  Wonder Woman was right at the top of the pack, trucking along with no such benefits.  And the books where their recent crossovers or promotions just ended dropped HARD.  Justice League of America #2 was down over 70% after its first issue’s variant cover push, while a lot of the “Death of the Family” titles were down by percentages in the teens and even the twenties.

So here’s what could be the bad news: The trend over the past three months has shown Wonder Woman dropping less and less, which is good on one level BUT historically has led to a big drop.  My reaction now after a few goods months isn’t “oh, this will continue” so much as “oh, then a drop is coming”.  But here’s the good news: April is WTF month, with special foldout covers on all of the New 52 books.  I doubt it’ll be as big a sales boost as the #0 issues back in September, but I expect that sales will go up.  Then in May, sales will probably go back to about where they were before.  The real test is in June, I think.  I good June will show that Wonder Woman’s leveled out, while a bad June will show that the series is still falling.  But for now, I think it’s reasonable to expect a sales jump in April!

Prediction For Next Month: I was too pessimistic last time, and ended up off by about 350 issues.  I’m not sure how big a jump we’ll see from this WTF month promotion, but we got a gain of 12% from the #0 month. I don’t think it’ll be that high, so I’ll go for a 7% gain for sales of 41,100.  Check back next month to see how I did!


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8 Responses to “Wonder Woman Sales: #18 Down 6 Spots, Falls Only 1.8%”

  1. Karl Says:

    Its not reassuring, is it?
    These days Im finding myself reading more vintage WW comics to get my regular fix of the lovely Diana. The current version simply dosent resemble her anymore. For me the closest is in the Injustice For All comic, the recent issue had a powerful, capable Diana who was fighting a Perez-inspired Ares [spiked helmet and all] and she showed good tactics and reasoning. The only misstep was having bullets bounce off her body, Supes style. Once again she is represented better in another book rather than her own.
    Check out Injustice For All for a better written Diana.
    Maybe this sales drop is also indicative of the general drop in sales figures all round for DC Comics; its chop and change editorial policy and its random dropping of writers and artists before theyve even started work on a book is beginning to piss off readers [examples; Simone being sacked as Batgirl writer then being re-hired two issues later, and LSH writer and artist Keith Giffen being lauded upon his lengthy return to the book only to be jettisoned after ONE issue!].
    These sharp drops in sales may also not reflect digital sales either though.

    • Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

      You really like the “Injustice: Gods Among Us” version of WW? A Wonder Woman who callously manipulates a grieving Superman into becoming a world-wide dicator is a horrible portrayal of the character imo. Ares sure looks awesome, though, doesn’t he? There are rumors that he might be a playable character in the game.

      I wholeheartedly agree with you about DC editorial. A president who admittedly doesn’t know a lot about comics, two incompetent publishers, a disreputable EIC, and a CCO who’s past his prime equals the clusterf*ck that is DC Entertainment.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      The numbers for Wonder Woman are relatively good this month. The 1.8% loss is well in the range of standard attrition. But yeah, overall the numbers keep dropping a bit fast than you want them to, with no real sign yet that they’re soon to level out.

      As for Injustice, this is honestly the first recommendation for the book I’ve seen! Every other comment I’ve read about it is just tearing the book apart.

      And yes, the sales figures are just for in-store sales. We don’t get digital numbers, though we do get a Top 20 (without any figures).

  2. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    Wow. The Bat Family is “Old Reliable” for DC, isn’t it? That little punk Damian had really grown on me in recent years and I was said to see him go. I’m sure he’ll make his return next year in a special poly-bagged issue with at least 20 variant covers. 🙂

    I think the WW sales figures will be stuck in neutral until she gets more exposure outside of comics. I will never forgive WB for letting Joss Whedon walk away from them because I’m certain that he would have killed it on a WW movie or television show.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Oh yeah, the Bat-family books are epicly rock solid. They need to lock Snyder up for ages. The vaguest tie-in to any of his events shoots a book to the top of the charts.

      That Joss Whedon decision looks increasingly terrible for Warner Bros. with every passing year. What a colossal misstep.

  3. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    I honestly think WW could be a huge cash cow for DC. Her backstory is rooted in Greek mythology, which gives creators all sorts of different creative avenues to explore, and she’s a superb h2h combatant, which all geeks love. I will say that her rogues gallery sorely needs updating. I’d love to see some modernized versions of Baron Blitzkrieg, Dark Angel, Deimos and Decay.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I agree. Greek mythology gives you so many potential avenues to explore, and an updated rogues gallery could be fantastic. Peter Dinklage as a modern Dr. Psycho could be the new Loki 🙂

  4. Michael Says:

    Greek mythology. You mean like in incest
    Like Hyppolyta the daughter of Ares having an affair with her grandfather Zeus and having a baby girl and her grandmother Hera being Hippolyta’s rival. Oops I’m not to say stuff like that.

    oh well maybe Ares is not Hippolyta’s father like he is in Greek myth.

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