Wonder Woman #19 Full WTF Foldout Cover Revealed OR Oh Yay, Wonder Woman Got The Lamest One

Every New 52 comic this month has a foldout cover that’s supposed to reveal some sort of shocking scene.  It was originally called “WTF Certified”, with a logo and everything, but then DC realized how spectacularly stupid that sounded and canned that idea.  Nonetheless, “WTF?!” is the theme they’re going for.

And we’ve seen some big surprises.  Not necessarily good, but big… Carrie Kelley as Robin on Batman and Red Robin #19, Bruce Wayne pointing a gun at Commissioner Gordon on Batman #19, Superboy’s parents potentially being Superman and Lois Lane on Superboy #19 (whatever happened with that? I didn’t care enough to read it).  There have been shocking revelations and big guest stars.  Wonder Woman #19, however, is so, so, so lame.

Here’s the first half of the cover that we’ve had for a few months now:


Wonder Woman and Orion battling it out!  It’s very exciting.  Wonder Woman will kick his ass, of course.  I wasn’t sure what the other half would bring.  Maybe it would be more New Gods, coming to Orion’s defense?  Perhaps it would be the First Born, whose arrival forces Wonder Woman and Orion to work together?  There were some cool options.

But this is what we got, via Bleeding Cool:



I’m sure there’s a very good reason she’s kissing him, but it’s such a tacky, stereotypical reveal.  Wonder Woman deserves much better.  And you KNOW it’s going to turn into a whole big thing when her boyfriend, Superman, finds out.  Which I’m sure will be handled with aplomb by Scott Lobdell in one of his many Super-titles (he said with the most sarcasm a human could possibly muster).

Plus, Wonder Woman’s been kissing a lot of dudes lately!  She was making out with Superman all over the place back in August and sporadically since, kissing Apollo on the cover of Wonder Woman #12, and now she’s all over Orion.  Are Batman and Superman making out with scores of ladies on their covers?  I think not.  But Wonder Woman’s a girl, so I guess we need romance and kissing and the like.

Again, ugh.  Lamest reveal ever.

I was really hoping for Big Barda.

Oh man!!  Wonder Woman kissing Big Barda!!  Now that would have been a surprising reveal.  Big missed opportunity there, DC.


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15 Responses to “Wonder Woman #19 Full WTF Foldout Cover Revealed OR Oh Yay, Wonder Woman Got The Lamest One”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well, Big Barda is showing up in Earth-2 now.

  2. IronBerserk Says:

    ARGHHHHHHH, I really am tired of this. Stop turning WW into a whore!

    In actuality a WW and Orion relationship would be much more interesting than with Supes, but this is just getting ridiculous!

    Maybe the kiss is foreshadowing to when this WW new 52 series takes place? This entire series has felt pretty separate from the rest of the new 52. Maybe it all takes place after her and Supes had broken up and this relationship or kiss is that WTF twist……seriously sometimes I try too hard to justify stupidity 😛 lol

  3. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about this. I want this SM/WW “relationship” over with ASAP, but I hate comic book love triangles. And the idea of Lobdell handling this scares the living sh*t outta me. Then over in JLA, Catwoman has been putting the moves on Steve Trevor; so its kinda like a love octagon now.

    Wonder Woman making out with Big Barda? I’d pay a thousand dollars for that comic. 😛

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I didn’t know that Catwoman was into Steve Trevor! That’s an interesting match up. The morally ambiguous cat burglar with the military man? I can see it.

  4. Vovo Says:

    I don’t like this lame attempt at creating drama on Azz’s side. I can’t wait to watch Supes *@#’# Orion up in issue 20.

    • green Says:

      Nah. it’s WW that kisses him, Supes should have a talk with her. ah everybody know SMWW is boring and want it to end

  5. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    I think Orion may be the father of the Earth 2 Fury.

  6. caprice Says:

    I do not understand the big deal of Wonder Woman kissing her Half Brother Apollo. Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto. Leto was a mortal woman. All I can say is Incest is not going to sale to any tv movie or motion picture. Incest will never be accepted no matter what.

  7. caprice Says:

    Orion was a superhero of 1970. He was part of the New Gods. I am curious does he still have the magic box, he would caring with him to heal people?

  8. Karl Says:

    Orion and Diana would make a far better couple than you-know-who, and in editiorial terms anyway it offers better story-telling possibilities. esp in regard to her current stories.

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